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2-in-1 Inspirational Romance Novellas
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2-in-1 Inspirational Romance Novellas

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

The Amethyst Angel {Traditional Romance Novella}: Elena Lopez's father has decided to play matchmaker with his long-time friend and neighbor, Marta Delgado, when Marta's nephew comes to town. Elena has a secret though:  She's always loved Marta's own son Pablo. An amethyst angel belonging to a dying boy reminds Elena that spending her life waiting for something to happen isn't living and that love must be shared. Can she take the risk of telling Pablo her feelings even if he doesn't share her love?

A Home for Christmas {Inspirational Romance Novella}: All Christie Renata Zondervon has ever wanted is a family, especially at Christmas-time. Craig Stevens has dried her tears, held her hand, listened to her talk about her hopes and fears at any time of day or night. She's never looked at him romantically before...until he invites her to spend Christmas with his family. How does a painfully shy man reveal his heart without voicing the words that could lead to rejection? Craig has given himself twelve days to convince Christie he can be the man of her dreams. Now it's a countdown to win her heart or bust!

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 5, 2018, 16:34
    "The Amethyst Angel"
    2015 BTS Red Carpet Reader's Choice Award Nominee
    2008 RT Book Reviews’ Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner
    2006 EPIC Award Winner
    Love Romances & More 2008 Golden Rose Award 1st Place Winner
    2005 Ecataromance Book of the Year Winner
    4 ½ star review and Top Pick from RT Book Reviews
    5 star review from Long and the Short Reviews
    5 star review from Fallen Angel Reviews
    5 star review from EuroReviews
    5 star review from Love Romances
    4.75 star review from Once Upon a Romance Reviews

    5 Books! "The characters come alive for the reader. The Amethyst Angel lifts the reader’s heart with hope and inner peace. If one looks closely enough, there is a lesson about living along with romance. A book to read without putting down. After a cover-to-cover read, you'll want to pick it up and read it again and again as times goes by. This is a book to be prized for your library of “keepers”." ~Long and the Short Reviews
    5 Angels! "Wiesner takes a step back to deliver a touching story of life, love, and friendship. The Amethyst Angel portrays the consuming commitment Elena Lopez has made to the terminally ill children in her care. It will take a special friend to show this caring woman what she is missing in life. The characters in this story will evoke a reaction in even the most cynical heart. An outstanding read not to be missed." ~Fallen Angels Reviews
    5 Hearts! "This reviewer cannot remember any bad things about this story. The book was extremely believable. The characters were very connected with both each other and the reader. The setting of this story made it easier for the reader to be captivated. Go and get your copy today!" ~Love Romances
    4.75 Stars! "I believe this is my favorite Karen Wiesner story to date. I found this to be the most poignant story I've read in a very long time. Ms. Wiesner draws us into the world of a Children's Hospital for terminally ill patients. She shows us the love and compassion that so many doctors have for their patients. When you read about Dr. Elena's bedside manner and the way she looks after little Juan, you'll be in tears. I was very deeply touched by the love of the staff members at this hospital. Each character shows an extraordinary amount of love and compassion for these dying children while maintaining their dignity. So what's a busy doctor to do? She has secretly loved her neighbor's son (Pablo) for many years. However, her father and the neighbor have conspired to match her up with Pablo's cousin, Arrio, who has just arrived in town. While she enjoys his company, Arrio certainly is no Pablo. Yet, Pablo seems to be pushing her farther away. When her dying patient reminds her of her Amethyst Angel and the things she had told him about living life, Elena decides to go for her true love. I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed this old fashioned (yet modern) look at love in its purest sense" ~Once Upon A Romance Review
    4 1/2 Hearts and Golden Rose Reviewer's Choice Award Winner! "The Santa Fe backdrop makes this story colorful. The flowery cultural intricacies among the characters don't overwhelm the story. Enjoy the sparkling secondary characters." ~Love Romances
    4 Stars! “I enjoyed how the story unfolded, proving how tragic events can bring people’s true feelings to the fore. The Amethyst Angel is a lovely reminder of what it’s like to experience that first-love feeling.” ~BTS Books Reviews
    "Elena and Pablo's love story is one of two shy people who are afraid of rejection. It takes Pablo's player of a cousin Arrio and a dying child to bring the two together. Well written with good characters." ~Coffee Time Romance
    "The Amethyst Angel is heart wrenching. We meet the Lopez family, a family united in dedication to a cause. We are delighted immediately with the quick dialogue, and infected with hope, rather than touched by despair. Risk here is more than an affair of the heart. Love and compassion drive this tale. We sense - and understand - the love the main characters feel for the sick children they care for. The family's effort is more than a setting here, and involves the reader deeply even before we get an idea of the love story involved. This heartwarming story makes excellent nightstand material." ~Long and Short Reviews
    4 Cups! "With The Amethyst Angel, Ms. Wiesner has written a very emotional and heartfelt love story that will have you in tears. The characters are well written with interesting histories." ~Coffee Time Romance Reviews
    4 Lighthouses! "A mini tearjerker." ~Lighthouse Literary Reviews
    4 Stars! "A treasure for those who read it, this will entertain all who read it. Captivating and well written, bringing you deep into their characters' lives. A treasure filled with magic, love, and happy-ever-after. Don't miss adding this impressive lineup to your reading list."
    4 Hearts! "Very enjoyable reading. An excellent mix of characters and plot." ~The Romance Studio
    4 Wings! “The Amethyst Angel is a bit of a heart-jerker.” ~Classic Romance Revival

    "A Home for Christmas"
    2015 BTS Red Carpet Reader's Choice Award Nominee
    5 star review from Ecataromance
    5 star review from Classic Romance Revival
    5 star review from EuroReviews
    4 1/2 star review from Once Upon a Romance Reviews

    5 Flags! "Wonderfully touching and heartwarming with wonderful characters and an enticing, imaginative plot to make the story a true winner, and not just at Christmas!" ~EuroReviews
    5 Wings! “Karen Wiesner pens her best tale yet of two people who are in love and just haven’t told each other of it yet for lack of confidence. This story is a very uplifting one for the holiday, and one of Ms. Wiesner’s best. Fun, well crafted, and the full meaning of love in the season came through. Her story come alive with characters that reached for a dream and weren’t afraid of failing in that quest. Ms. Wiesner’s was her best work of two people, very shy but confident in their love of Christ and taking a chance to lay their hearts on the line. I loved it. It was the best holiday book I have read this season.” ~Classic Romance Revival
    5 Stars! "A read you truly don't want to miss. You are filled with the spirit of Christmas and the miracle of true love. Unique and truly a gift to the reader. I highly recommend making this part of your holiday reading." ~Ecataromance
    4.5 Stars! "Ms. Wiesner writes an excellent novella. While the book is connected to WAYWARD ANGELS [Book 4 of Karen Wiesner's Wounded Warriors Series], it will fully stand alone. I say this because it took me the first couple of chapters to remember I had read the first book. The characters were familiar, but I didn't put it all together at first. Ms. Wiesner writes a sensitive novella that looks at the fears some of us have. She delves into the fear of failure, fear of flying and other fears. For some of us, these fears can overwhelm and paralyze us and it keeps us from living life to the fullest. It was so tastefully and sensitively written how Craig and Christie work to overcome fears together. I was rooting for them the whole way through the book. I think you'll get a chuckle out of the misspoken phrases Craig sometimes says. You'll get an insightful look into Christie's fear of flying. Craig and Christie's story is an inspiring look at the way love really can overcome all." ~Once Upon a Romance Review
    Very Highly Recommended! "'Tis the season to be jolly and what better way than with an unforgettable story. Treat yourself to a delightful holiday retreat. Build a warm crackling fire and wrap up in a cuddly robe with a steaming hot mug of cider. Then grab this story and sit back for a relaxing unforgettable journey. The experience will be a poetic Hallmark card set into motion."
    4 Stars! “A feel good story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Home for Christmas. If you read romance, you will know that in every tale someone will have their heart broken. What sets this story apart is the way this is played out. I found it refreshing that the main characters, Christie and Craig, were Christians with a strong faith in God but still not exempt from the bumpy road to the elusive happily ever after dream. Written in clean language, A Home for Christmas is a feel good story which can be shared with anyone who loves happy endings.” ~BTS Books Reviews
    4 Hearts! "This book is truly heartwarming and was a great read. The characters connected well with each other and made the story all the more believable. This reader could sometimes feel that she was in the story as the main character. To see what Christie gets for Christmas make sure to buy a copy today!" ~Love Romances
    "I liked Christie and Craig and the concept of an orphan finding a home and love for Christmas. Well written with good characters." ~Coffee Time Romance
    "In A Home for Christmas, we meet a shy and charming man, as well as the love of his life. His self-doubt makes him less than open about his feelings, but his affection comes through in his kindness and support. In this everyday sort of adventure, the strength that comes through faith is also explored. The story itself is nicely Christmasy, and music, especially the favorite Christmas carols, is a connecting theme. Heartwarming and makes excellent nightstand material." ~Long and Short Reviews
    4 Hearts! "The strengths and surprises of the main characters are very parallel. I gave this a 4 rating because of the quality of the writing and also because the characters are like people I know. The main characters also have an enjoyment of life factor that really enhances the story." ~The Romance Studio
    4 Angels! "Christmas is a truly wondrous time of year, a time when love, hope, and faith abound. Find Christmas early with this short holiday treat. Karen Wiesner offers an inspirational romance that will have you smiling by the last page. Craig is a devoted man, committed to the Lord, family and friends. His kindness towards Christie is wonderful to see. The faith they display and the friendship they share is a strong basis for a future together, and readers can't help but hope that Craig gets his heart's desire. In a season beset with hectic malls, endless parties, and the need to complete everything before the bell tolls on the 24th, this story takes a moment and brings readers back to what is important, offering friendship and love for the holiday season. Readers will enjoy this precursor to Christmas, and it is sure to get readers in the mood long before the temperatures start to chill." ~Fallen Angel Reviews
    4 Roses! "A Christian religious theme resounds throughout this story of a young man attempting to travel home for Christmas to allow his family to meet the woman he loves. The attraction between the characters is strong." ~Love Romances

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