2-in-1 Romance Novellas boxed set with series cover and no ereader

2-in-1 Romance Novellas by Karen Wiesner

2-in-1-romances boxed set

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2-in-1 Inspirational Romance Novellas 3d cover
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2-in-1 Inspirational Romance Novellas

The Amethyst Angel {Traditional Romance Novella}: Elena Lopez’s father has decided to play matchmaker with his long-time friend and neighbor, Marta Delgado, when Marta’s nephew comes to town. Elena has a secret though:  She’s always loved Marta’s own son Pablo. An amethyst angel belonging to a dying boy reminds Elena that spending her life waiting for something to happen isn’t living and that love must be shared. Can she take the risk of telling Pablo her feelings even if he doesn’t share her love?

A Home for Christmas {Inspirational Romance Novella}: All Christie Renata Zondervon has ever wanted is a family, especially at Christmas-time. Craig Stevens has dried her tears, held her hand, listened to her talk about her hopes and fears at any time of day or night. She’s never looked at him romantically before…until he invites her to spend Christmas with his family. How does a painfully shy man reveal his heart without voicing the words that could lead to rejection? Craig has given himself twelve days to convince Christie he can be the man of her dreams. Now it’s a countdown to win her heart or bust!Read More

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GENRE: Inspirational Romance     ISBN: 978-1-925191-70-7   ASIN: B01FYZ375U    Word Count: 28, 947

Available in ebook and print

2-in-1 Supernatural Romance Novellas

The Amethyst Star {Futuristic Romance Novella}: They live in a time when humans have become an endangered species… 

Thirty years ago, the men and women of Earth went off to fight in an intergalactic war. In the time since, carnivores have flourished and slaughtered most of the human race. Answering Earth’s call for help to avoid extinction, Hunters have ultra-strength, speed and instincts, allowing them to destroy the carnivores. Human women have become invaluable prizes in their roles as Procreators. Pair-bonding is rare and families no longer exist. Lady Sher of the Amethyst Star is mankind’s last hope for survival though her heart’s desire can never be fulfilled…especially not with the hunter Randolf. On Randolf’s home world, a vision of the rare star of amethyst was revealed along with the prophecy that if he loses this star, the hunter will become the hunted for all time. Will destiny and desire prove impossible goals?

Creatures of the Night {Paranormal Romance Novella}: Loner and Night-owl painter Susanna Heath has just married her exotic-foreigner husband. Nicholai Rostislav disappears all day, coming to her only at night. Now she finds out that he’s a bloodsucking vampire. And you thought your marriage had problems.

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GENRE: Supernatural Romance/Science Fiction/Fantasy Anthology    ISBN: 978-1-925191-72-1    ASIN: B01GD5U0BO     Word Count: 33, 512


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