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Featured Books (Newest Releases)


Killing God, Book 1: Darkness from the Light by Cameron Cummins 3d coverAlex Connor’s life was turned upside down when the god of light Arre summoned him to the world of Lehask. Alex went from being an ordinary high school student who loved fantasy games to living in a true fantasy world. Despite that the only monsters he’d ever killed were on his computer screen, Arre compelled him to kill the Demon King. Against all odds, the former nerd gamer completed the mission, but he was badly wounded and the friends he brought along to help him fell. As payment for his bittersweet victory, the evil avatar attempted to kill him and murdered the girl he loved.

 Following his narrow escape from Arre, Alex is found by a powerful mage who hides, heals, and apprentices him. Using transformative magic, Alex makes himself stronger and harder as he plots his revenge. But, to take on the demiurge who betrayed him, he’ll need to be nearly invincible…and ready to face rivals on other planets in the Divine Realm if and when he becomes a god himself.

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GENRE: Fantasy     ISBN: 978-1-925574-84-5     ASIN: B08F4YMF5T     Word Count: 119, 331

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Hyksos Series, Book 4: Possessor of All, A Novel of Ancient Egypt 3d coverBook 4: Possessor of All

The Hyksos, themselves beset by intrigue and division, push down into southern Egypt. The short-lived kingdom of Abdju collapses, leaving Nebiryraw the undisputed king of the south ruling from the city of Waset. An uneasy truce between north and south enables both sides to strengthen their positions.

Khayan seizes power over the Hyksos kingdom and turns his gaze toward Waset, determined to conquer Egypt finally. Meanwhile, the family of King Nebiryraw looks to the future and starts securing their own advantage, weakening the southern kingdom. In the face of renewed tensions, the delicate peace cannot last…

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GENRE: Historical: Ancient Egypt     ISBN: 978-1-925574-82-1     ASIN: B08F3SHSJ5     Word Count: 152,489

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Shadow of the Beast by Margaret L. Carter 3d cover

After the mysterious deaths of her brother and sister at the fangs of what looks like a feral dog, Jenny Cameron develops nightmares and blackouts. The quest for the truth about herself leads to her long-lost father, who deserted the family before her birth. He seeks redemption for the curse he carries, but has his bloody past condemned him beyond salvation? When Jenny discovers the secret of her dark heritage, she’s no longer sure she can trust her dangerous nature enough to be with the man she loves, and she may ultimately be forced to destroy her own father. Fearing she has inherited the violence that rages in him, she struggles to find her true self under the shadow of the beast.

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GENRE: Fantasy Romance    ISBN: 978-1-925574-81-4    ASIN: B08D3GJYH9   Word Count: 57, 535

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Wildvine Series, Book 8: Heirs 3d coverWildvine Series, Book 8: Heirs

Heirs Apparent: The people of Rehdonna are no safer on Earth than they were on their homeworld. The Future of Man is determined to get their hands on the children of Bree Kirstan-Reed and Daniel Harland and use them in their quest to rule the world of the future. When an attempted kidnapping goes horribly wrong, Bree and Aravin, and Daniel and Wren trust their children to Jori Lawrence, sending them through the doorway of Old Solar’s Shoppe. Unfortunately, even in the Midworld, guarded by magic, there are other enemies waiting to attack…and other children in danger.

Filar: Having graduated from college early, Johnny Harland isn’t quite ready to settle into his duties as heir of the Felin-ru Clan. When his grandmother suggests a journey as a time of transition into adulthood, to “prove” himself, Johnny eagerly accepts the idea and sets off on a cross-country journey. His quest for personal understanding leads to finding a homeless boy named Clayton D’Arnot, who is Johnny’s “filar” or spirit-brother. Clayton has seen more and proven himself stronger than Johnny can even imagine. As he earns his filar’s friendship and trust, the two forge a bond of partnership that will help them lead the exiles into the future, and resolve the war for the safety of Rehdonna.Buy from Amazon button Read More


GENRE: (Urban Fantasy/fantasy)    ISBN: 978-1-925574-80-7    ASIN: B08BZXSJDH    Word Count: 93, 990

Wildvine Series book 8 new release


Sterling Lakes Series, Book 3: Praise of the Heart 3d coverSpiritual malaise permeates the hearts of the residents of a scenic small town with a troubled past, tenuous present, and an uncertain future.

Librarian Laura Matthewson is content to stay far out of the limelight. But when pro baseball star Cliff Markham returns home to Sterling Lakes to help with the St. Luke’s Church Renovation fundraiser, will she be able to resist the magnetic power of the Sterling Lakes’ hometown hero?

Revised and re-issued

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GENRE: Inspirational Romance    ISBN: 978-1-922233-20-2    ASIN: 1922233218    Word Count: 47, 098

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Hyksos Series, Book 3: Two Cities 3d coversHyksos Series, Book 3: Two Cities

The Hyksos drive south into the Nile Valley, sweeping all resistance aside. Bebi and Sobekhotep, grandsons of Harrubaal, assume command of the loyal Egyptian army and strive to stem the flood of Hyksos conquest. But even the cities of the south are divided against themselves.

Abdju, an old capital city of Egypt reasserts itself, putting forward a line of kings of its own, and soon the city is at war with Waset, the southern capital of the Nile Valley, as the two cities fight for supremacy in the face of the advancing northern enemy. Caught up in the turmoil of warring nations, the ordinary people of Egypt must fight for their own survival as well as that of their kingdom.

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GENRE: Historical: Ancient Egypt    ISBN: 978-1-925574-77-7    ASIN: B089SP7KTV    Word Count: 129, 150

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The Cull Chronicles Book 3: The True Threat 3d coverCaptain Jason Cull aboard the resistance movement’s ship Freedom has made his deal with the devil: If Jason can discover a way to defeat their most feared foe, the Bettarian emperor will free the Earth from their mutual enemy, the Grath’s, alien occupation. But this new adversary, the Vex, has proven far stronger than anything they’ve faced before. Jason would be remiss in forgetting that the ship’s first spy mission ended in disaster and tragedy. He wonders if, Freedom–the Earth’s last hope–has simply traded one impossible task for another with their new alliance.

Jason and his crew have lost friends and been driven out of the last place they considered safe. Pitting a ship that’s too battered to go into battle and a team too small to take a difference against a superior enemy would be foolish at best, suicide at worst.

Even if they could start from scratch, the odds aren’t in their favor. But Jason refuses to give up easily. Humanity hasn’t come this far, endured so much, for nothing. One way or another, the mighty Vex fleet can be stopped. All Jason has to do is find one weakness…

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GENRE: Science Fiction     ISBN: 978-1-925574-76-0    ASIN: B087QN2N31     Word Count: 89, 377

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