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A Belinda Robinson Novel Collection Books 1 - 3 by Margaret Pearce (Series: Mid-Grade)

A Belinda Robinson Novel Collection Books 1 - 3 by Margaret Pearce (Series: Mid-Grade)
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A Belinda Robinson Novel Collection Books 1 - 3

Belinda, an only child was always lonely, until the day when her grandmother Matilda with her Siamese cat came to visit.

Belinda discovers that her grandmother is a very unusual grandmother, and the cat is even more unusual. Matilda helps her to see beneath the surface of people, so she at last makes friends who get even closer as they face adventures together.


A Belinda Robinson Novel Book 1: Belinda and the Witch's Cat

Belinda is an only child, and lonely. When her mother has to leave home to recover from her illness, her grandmother arrives to look after her.

Belinda discovers to her delight that she has a very unusual grandmother and her grandmother's cat, a superior Siamese called Senna is equally unusual.

Belinda's life suddenly becomes full of friends and adventures. She learns to fly a moth eaten carpet to visit her mother, turn a big black bear back into her father and saves Senna from certain death.

A Belinda Robinson Novel Book 2: Belinda and the Holidays It Rained

The school holidays have a bad start. Belinda's father doesn't arrive home and it is raining.

The news is that his car went over the cliff into the surf beach, but there is no body. Belinda, her mother and Kate stay at Amanda's family beach house to be near where the car went over.

Belinda thinks that her father maybe got washed up further up the coastline and perhaps could be sick or ill somewhere in the back country.

The girls discover how unusual their three kittens are. When held, all animal speech can be understood.

So with the help of the kittens the three girls spend their wet school holidays searching. There is a helpful dog, grouchy possums and a dopey old horse involved before Belinda's father is found at last.

A Belinda Robinson Novel Book 3: Belinda and the Missing Will

Belinda's unusual grandmother, with her unusual cat, Senna, is looking after Belinda while her parents are away. Belinda is thrilled because unusual things always happen when grandmother comes to visit...

And this visit is no exception, first the girls learn of the missing Will that will save old Miss Higgins, then the petrified gryphon on Miss Higgins' roof accidentally gets woken. If a hungry, angry gryphon wasn't bad enough, Belinda and her friends learn that they must find the gryphon's missing ankh, because it might know the location of the Will, and it won't rest till the ankh is found...

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A Belinda Robinson Novel Collection Books 1 - 3 by Margaret Pearce (Series: Mid-Grade)
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