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Writers Exchange E-Publishing:

Writers Exchange E-Publishing is committed to bringing you high-quality books at reasonable prices.

Vision Statement

Writers Exchange E-Publishing aims to be the most respected and successful publisher in the industry. With only the most talented and committed staff, providing the highest levels of customer service and product quality our goal is to be supporting authors and entertaining readers at the highest levels.

Over a decade of hard work and devotion

Based in Australia, Writers Exchange E-Publishing opened its digital doors in December 2000 by Sandy Cummins. Since then Writers Exchange has gone from strength to strength, publishing over 300 ebooks and over 150 print books (with many more to come).

Sandy Cummins started her professional writing career in 1998 after completing a Diploma in Freelance Journalism. She has been published both online and in print, with her first online credit being a two year stint as Christian Parenting Contributing Editor at Suite 101.com. From there she concentrated on book, website and software reviews.

Sandy no longer does her freelance writing because she is too busy as the publisher at Writers Exchange E-Publishing, however, one of her fantasy short stories was in a fantasy Anthology published by Mundania Press.

This is Sandy…

Sandy is a devoted Christian, which is why you will find that Writers Exchange does not sell any erotica. Her business choices follow her personal religious beliefs. You can also learn what a Christian is on Sandy's personal website: http://www.sandycummins.com

Aiming high, achieving her goals.

In starting WEE, Sandy's aim was, and still is to bring readers as many high quality books as possible. It's for this reason that she re-releases books every few years to update the editing to new, improved standards; as well as improving the cover art and updating the ebooks to new cutting-edge formats.

Her ongoing goal is to be the most respected publisher in the industry, hiring the most talented staff and providing the highest levels of customer service and product quality.

Writers Exchange has a Facebook page at:

Sandy Cummins

SENIOR EDITOR - JennaKay Francis

JennaKay Francis is a storyteller of fantasy adventure, fantasy romance, dark fantasy and children's picture books. She has been published in several local newsletters, several print magazines, as well as numerous online magazines in both fiction and non-fiction. She has won many different awards for her writing, has been an editor for four online magazines, and has done acquisitions for a small electronic press.

JennaKay was first and foremost one of Writers Exchange's most prolific and talented authors, and was invited to become their senior editor. Since that time she has performed admirably as both author and editor for the company.

You can find a listing of Jenna's books on her personal homepage. Her Writers Exchange Books are on her author page.

Advance Reader and Grammar Editor - Jenna Whittaker

Jenna is the author of multiple books, and here is a snippet from her website, http://jennawhittaker-author.weebly.com/about.html:

My name is Jenna Whittaker and I am an Australian author who has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and horror novels for as long as I can remember!

I currently have 3 novels published--one science fiction, one fantasy, and one dystopian fantasy--with plenty more in the works. My fourth novel (fantasy) is undergoing its last edits before publication, and I have several more being planned. I've been writing all my life and never intend to stop.

To help fund my writing efforts, I also do artwork! This includes graphic design pieces for websites (logos, headers, promotional images), book covers, game concept (character and environment) artwork, commissions (family portraits, pet portraits, etc), and my personal artwork done for fun! I can also do promotional images for your book, cover art, unique and personalised bookmarks/book plates, or even a custom painting of all of your book characters!

That's our story. What is yours?
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