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Falcon's Bend Series, Book 5: As Patient as Death
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Falcon's Bend Series, Book 5: As Patient as Death

Score: 4.33 (votes: 3)

Until death do us part...

Lisa and Falcon's Bend Police Department Detective Pete Shasta are enjoying roles as Mommy and Daddy to their adopted baby boy. Despite the radical adjustment, they've never been happier or more fulfilled as individuals and as a couple. Seeing the contrast of her own marriage and that of her neighbor's, Lisa can't help sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong--and not for the first time...

Sweet, ever-hopeful Eva has suffered the ravages of cancer for most of her life. Just after she was diagnosed with recurrent cancer, she met Jerome Boca and he'd swept her off her feet in a whirlwind romance with a fairytale wedding to follow. A little more than a year ago, the newlyweds moved into the subdivision Lisa and Pete reside in Falcon's Bend. Eva believes in being a submissive wife to her husband and Jerome is Mr. Charming--to the point that Lisa doesn't trust him one little bit, especially when Eva opens up to her and admits he's not everything they've both portrayed him to be. Lisa knows there's something criminal going on, but Pete refuses to get involved in private domestic matters. In her own sleuthing, Lisa discovers that, not only has Jerome taken out an immense life insurance policy on his dying wife, but he's been married twice before... in both cases, to terminally ill women. But that's only the beginning of Lisa's fears. Unexpectedly, Eva gets the good news that she's in remission. Will a man who's been as patient as death with his wife's suffering become a killer when the goal he'd been waiting to be realized is thwarted? 

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Score: 4.33 (votes: 3)
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  • Harriet Klausner
    Aug 27, 2017, 05:56
    In Falcon’s Bend, Wisconsin, cop wives Lisa Shasta and Melody Vincent are horrified by the spousal neglect by their outward charming new neighbor workaholic Jerome Boca who never seems to be home in spite of his terminal ill wife Eva dying from cancer. Unable to ignore Eva’s plight and disregarding her husband Peter’s warning to mind her business and spend her time nurturing their recently adopted baby; Lisa decides to be there for dying Eva.

    As Lisa befriends Eva, she begins to find out more about the relationship between the cancer stricken wife and her husband. Especially frightening Lisa is the fact that twice-widowed Jerome collected on life insurance policies when his previous terminally ill wives died. While Peter insists this is not a FBPD matter, Lisa keeps digging when Lisa abruptly announces miraculously she is in remission.

    The fifth Falcon’s Bend mystery (see Romantic Notions and The Fifteenth Letter) is a twisting (even more than San Francisco’s Lombard Street), tense amateur sleuth that contains a viable but stunning climax. Extremely difficult to put down for even a moment, the captivated audience (and Lisa) will want to know what really is going on with the Boca couple.
  • Edie (Amazon customer)
    Aug 27, 2017, 05:55
    As Patient as Death is a unique novel containing many twists, turns, and surprises keeping readers guessing until the very last page; the most interesting wrap-up I’ve ever seen. The novel addresses a number of important issues including relationships, terminal illnesses, and family issues in a way that readers may become rather emotional. It’s amazing how much goes on in this small sleepy town, and how many people think they know their friends, but they really don’t. Like any small town, there are many secrets and this one is not any different.

    While the story line is provocative and well worth reading, a couple of issues came to mind as I read. The consistent usage of italics, sometimes for long paragraphs, was sometimes annoying, especially since the type was smaller than the regular type used in the rest of story. Some readers will have trouble reading those portions.

    Also, Lisa, the main character, was annoying in her demand to get into other people’s business to the point that I often wanted to put the book down and walk away. She was pushy, nosey, constantly disrespectful to her husband, and was just plain obnoxious. I know what the authors were trying to bring across in that character, but it was too much, too often. In this case, and I think even Lisa realized it in the end.

    Don't let my negative points stop you from checking out this book. The storyline was interesting, fast-paced, and packed a wallop at the end. Well worth picking it up!
  • Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews
    Aug 27, 2017, 05:51
    Yes, I would say that Death is pretty patient indeed.

    Lisa has helped her husband, Detective Peter Shasta, solve a couple of crimes in Falcon’s Bend, Wisconsin. One of them involved new neighbors. Lisa will be the first to admit that she is extremely nosy, but that is because she actually cares about the people in her life. That includes her neighbors. The newest neighbors are the Bocas. The husband, Jerome, is at work a lot. The skittish wife, Eva, has cancer and is seldom to be seen. Lisa simply cannot sit back and watch Eva be all alone while so sick. Even Lisa’s best friend (and next door neighbor) Melody agrees that Jerome should be with Eva instead of disappearing at night or always out of the area on business. Peter has cautioned Lisa about getting too involved. The Bocas are not her business. But Lisa feels the need to take care of Eva, especially when the young woman is violently ill and bedridden.

    Lisa soon learns that Jerome had been married twice before. Both wives had been terminally ill and Jerome had taken out large life insurance policies on both before their deaths. Is Eva next?

    **** FOUR STARS! You do not have to read the previous mysteries to enjoy this one, but for those who have read them you will be see more of the ongoing dramas among the main and secondary characters. As for the Bocas, I admit to having a difficult time trying to figure out if Jerome was “a Prince Charming or a creep” and if Eva was “a liar of just brave and selfless.” The situation becomes even more convoluted when Eva’s brother enters the scene. This episode has many twists, turns, and even a few surprises that will keep all mystery fans guessing. Wonderful! ****
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