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All through Aurienne's childhood her mother read to her, inspiring her to love books. She "wrote" her first story when she was four. Of course, back then her teacher had to put the words to paper for her, but she has been writing ever since. It became part of who she was. She would sit in her room for hours creating characters whose stories were as alive as her own life.

She was born in Auroville, a small town in the south of India. It is an international community and both her parents were United States citizens. When she was sixteen she decided to leave her home, family, and friends to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She attended college in the U.S. and graduated with a B.A. in English at the age of twenty. Then for the longest time the inspiration seemed to die. Over the next decade her life took her through several of the West and Northwest U.S. states. She worked at a lot of jobs that had nothing to do with writing, but always, in the background, remained the dream to become a published writer.

It was not until after the birth of her son that she rediscovered the joy of creation that writing brings to her. "He is my inspiration," she says. Christmas Ends came to be because of his joy and disappointment. "He gives me so many ideas that I simply can't keep up."


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