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Akal, Aytul

Born in 1952 in Izmir, Turkey, she graduated from the Izmir American Collegiate Institute in 1971. She married the same year and moved to Istanbul.

She took her bachelor's degree at the Washington International University in Education, and received her MA in 2002.

She started writing creatively very early: as writing was a passion, a fire in her heart all through her life. She wrote articles and interviews for a variety of magazines and newspapers.

In the 80's, right after she had her first baby, she started writing for children. Her first children's book, a collection of fairy tales, 'The Child Who Didn't Like The Night', was published in 1991.

Since then, she has written short stories, novels, plays, reviews, articles, interviews, critiques, and papers on the subject of children's literature. On top of this, she has had more than 90 books published for children of all ages. Her adult books includes one poetry, and two books of short stories.

Some of Aytul's stories have been used in textbooks published for school children in Turkey, and also by the Department of Languages and Literature at the University of Tilburg, in Holland. This was part of a project for helping Turkish children living abroad to learn their native language.

She contributed her story, "The Quarrelsome Trees" to the book "Lines in the Sand", an anti-war anthology which has been published by Frances Lincoln, London, June 2003. The revenues from this anthology have been donated for the well-being of the Iraqian children who have suffered in the war.

While all writing is her lifelong love, she is dedicated to writing for children. Her ambition is to support their creative minds, their constructive reasoning and communication, and their fair insight. She believes that rising the cognitive standards of today's children will help bring peace and happiness to the Earth.

Aytul has two wonderful sons, Evren and Alper.


The Magical Door Series Book 1: The Artist's Magical Studio by Aytul Akal (Children's Picture Book)
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But what was that?! What was happening in the ceramic artist's studio?

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The Magical Door Series Book 2: My Brother's Magical School by Aytul Akal (Children's Picture Book)
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If you are wondering what my brother is doing in his class, why don't you peep inside...

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The Magical Door Series Book 3: The Teacher's Magical Hat by Aytul Akal (Children's Picture Book)
(0 reviews)  
The new teacher laughed, "Hmm, I understand that you have forgotten the magic of imagination," she said. "Should we try?"

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