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Schuler, Betty Jo

Betty Jo Schuler writes at her central Florida home, where she collects glass paperweights and what her grown kids call "Betty Jo-isms--sayings you have to think about twice". One that she likes about writing is "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

"I suppose that's why I write in several genres," she says. "I like trying something different." And she must, since her sixteen published books run the gamut from children's books to adult novels and mystery to romance.

Betty Jo, who has a B.S. and M.A. in elementary education and taught school for twenty-three years, instructs Writer's Digest University online courses in writing for children and young adults. Evidence of her own writing for children can be found in BRAIN MAN and DOUBLE TROUBLE DITTO BOX, two chapter books about a boy whose marvelous inventions spin out of control, were recently combined by Writers Exchange into one volume for eager young readers.

And appropriately enough, the, author of GRACIE'S HOLIDAY HERO, a heartwarming reunion novel published by WEE, will soon be teaching another online course, "You Can Write a Romance" for Writer’s Digest University.

To learn more about Betty Jo and her books, visit her website at http://bettyjowrites.com and while you're there, sign up for her occasional newsletter.


Brain Man and Double Trouble Ditto Box (ebook and print) by Betty Jo Schuler (Mid-Grade Reader)
(8 reviews)  
Randy O'Rourke invents a "Ditto Box", a machine that copies whatever he puts inside. When he wants a ball glove like his friend Jake's, he puts in the glove, and Zap--a duplicate for himself. If Randy and Jake want pizza, he orders one, makes a copy, and they eat two. Randy copies homework, games, and even Asthma, Jake's furry mutt. Everything is going great until his little sister wants a playmate...

Available from AMAZON in ebook and print, or click the blue "price" button below to buy the ebook here.

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