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Milward Chronicles, Book 1: Birthright
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Milward Chronicles, Book 1: Birthright

The barrier between the world of men and the world of shadow is beginning to thin. In the tiny village of Beri, twin brother and sister are about to be thrust into the ongoing war between magik and sorcery. The freedom of creation depends on their being able to survive.

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  • Molly, from Jandy's Reading Room
    Sep 18, 2017, 05:24
    Labad, a dying warrior who records a prophecy is the subject of the `storytellers' tale. Charity, her twin brother Adam and Aunt Doreen listen enthralled. Long ago the Empire was ruptured by war. Now the various fiefdoms exist in an apprehensive truce while they wait the arrival of the Guardians who are promised to return and restore peace. In the hamlet of Beri Doreen and her husband Bal appear as simple village folk, they are not. Someone is after the twins. After the twins are grabbed by unknown abductors Bal and Doreen are told to leave Beri by `the storyteller' Nought. Gilgafed, the Sorcerer, sent the kidnappers after the twins. The Dwarflands, Fire Island, pestilence, and a long extinct volcano are part of the tale. The last of the descendants of Labad are the ones who will effect the return of peace to the land. Nought, a wizard, follows fearful Ogren. Galtru, a dwarf, a Cave, Dwillkillion, and an extraordinary amulet continue the narrative. Escape from a frightful wyrm, a dwarf with a parcel holding clothing for the twins, and a parchment with Labad's words figure in the tale as well. A trolljin attack adds excitement. There is a Sword for Adam, and a Bow for Charity. Mr Bustlebun Chauncey, a deal struck, and a huge fight keep the reader turning the page. A kitten, a blind child who gains sight, soldiers are captured, and an Elven village where a human/elven child is born continue the reader's remarkable pilgrimage. Morgan the blademaster, a war, wolves, a bathtub, a dragon or two and the reader is left wanting more. Writer Beers presents a generously drawn tale occupied with all the conniving, commotion and intrigue fantasy lovers have come to anticipate. Birtright is a well-written tale filled with twists, complex story line and potent motivations. Plausible, thoroughly matured characters stride through the account carrying the reader along on an exhilarating journey. Beers adroitly presents the wonderment, consternation and tumult necessary to hold the reader fully engrossed. Believable, at times gritty conversation pulls the reader into the narrative from the opening lines and maintains reader attention right to the last paragraphs where we find Adam entering into a new, zestful part of his life. A compelling read certain to satisfy the target audience made up of those who enjoy a commendable, well written fantasy. Fine book to enjoy by the fire place on a long winter evening or in the porch swing during a hot summer afternoon.
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