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Woodcutter's Grim Series, Book 2: Blood of Amethyst (Paranormal)
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Woodcutter's Grim Series, Book 2: Blood of Amethyst (Paranormal)

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

For the ten generations since the evil first came to Woodcutter's Grim, the Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the childhood horrors that lurk in the black woods. Without them, the town would be defenseless...and the terrors would escape to the world at large.

A blood-curdling answer as to why the childhood-nightmare creature Rumpelstiltskin so wanted a child of his own...

Amethyst Phillip's father--her only family--disappears in Woodcutter's Grim's evil woods. Town Sheriff and Guardian Gabe Reece sends out a search party and eventually they find the body, completely drained of blood. A devastated Amethyst refuses to do anything but carry on all by herself in the isolated area she grew up. 

But something strange is happening, and Gabe realizes it every time he drops by to check on the woman who's held his heart for long years. She's grown pale, cold. She's sleeping all the time, waking only in the night, when her taste for blood overwhelms her. Then Gabe becomes aware that something in the woods is calling to her, something that's stealing her life...

Gabe will face his deadliest foe yet when the woman he loves falls prey to a nameless creature who wants her very soul.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 8, 2018, 18:10
    5 Angels! “This is the kind of book you put on your keeper shelf and reread. Have you ever wondered what a fairy tale would be like if it was a horror story? That is what Karen Wiesner does with the Blood of Amethyst. This tale is a horror version of Rumplestilskin in which the “little man” is a demon and a vampire. Don’t expect a happily-ever-after ending with this tale. This is truly a horror story. I was thoroughly creeped-out by this story and loved it. I do not advise you to read this story at home alone, at night, without adequate light.” ~Fallen Angel Reviews
    4.5 Hearts and Reviewer Top Pick! "Blood of Amethyst takes the stories we all remember from childhood and puts a decidedly different twist to them to come up with a tale that keeps the reader enthralled, no matter how hard her heart is pounding!" ~Night Owl Romance
    4 Cups! "Ms. Karen Wiesner writes a chilling yarn of patient, haunting evil, waiting to pounce. I could not anticipate the exciting ending. The characters were full of angst, quirks and a whole lot of humanity. I would suggest this to any reader of fiction." ~Coffee Time Romance
    “What would happen if the Big Bad Wolf was real? What if the witch really did lure in Hansel and Gretel? That is the question that made this story so gripping. Blood of Amethyst was a very riveting, chilling tale of a supernatural, paranormal small town that hides a thin veil between the worlds of good and evil. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, but be prepared, this is not your traditional romance, and doesn’t have your typical happily ever after. Even so, I couldn’t stop turning the pages.” ~Long and Short Reviews
    "Blood of Amethyst is an engaging romantic horror that’s a gruesome retelling of the fairytale Rumpelstiltskin where the evil has long terrorized the people of the small town, Woodcutter’s Grim. With its well written characters and vivid descriptive details, it’s a story will chill the reader’s spine while it’s being read and haunt their mind well after it’s been finished." ~TCM Reviews

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