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Sutton, Charles

Charles Sutton was born in London and served in the Royal Engineers for seven years including the whole of the Second World War. Most of that time he spent instructing on the use of explosives and on bomb disposal. After the war he spent many years working in the prisons getting to know many famous and infamous people. He is very aware of how some of the present versions of events that occurred during his lifetime and even before the war are the results of expurgation and distortion. The inaccuracies of these accounts have inspired him to write stories based on historical facts, to try to 'tell it as it was' and where better to start than the first century.


The Painted Lady by Charles Sutton (Historical: Celtic)
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Roman historians in their accounts about the Celtic Queen, Boadicea, emphasized only her ultimate failure in battle, and the atrocities that she is alleged to have committed.

This exciting tale gives Queen Boadicea a place of birth, a private life, skeletons in her cupboard, romance and courage.

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