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Friendship Heirlooms Series, Book 1: Clumsy Girl's Guide to Falling in Love
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Friendship Heirlooms Series, Book 1: Clumsy Girl's Guide to Falling in Love

Score: 4.50 (votes: 2)

Book One Friendship Heirloom: Persistence 

Zoë Rossdale is the clumsy girl who always has her elbows, feet, eyes, and brass-red hair going in the wrong directions. She floats around in her own world, comfortable there alone, only to be jarred back into the real one when her obliviousness gets her in trouble again. After a lifetime of being evaluated critically--first by her own father, and then by everyone around her--and found wanting, she's trying to change... for her own good. She's reaffirmed her commitment to Christ and vowed not to do any of the stupid, possibly illegal, things she'd done for years on the pitiful excuse of surviving. After nearly being fired from the only job she could get to keep her from starving and living on the streets, she's going to school once more and trying to do better for her über-patient boss. And she's allowed her best friends to talk her into getting contacts, some new clothes, and a more flattering hairstyle. They tell her she looks beautiful, but she feels more like a dodo bird than ever before--until she literally runs into the only man she's ever gone loopy over. 

Curt Bertoletti has spent years trying to forget the seriously messed-up Zoë and her embarrassing ways. The only person who'd ever approved of the ditzy klutz was his mother, and his mother has become relentless in her cause to get him married and settled down. Surely that's what conjured the appearance of Zoë...Zoë, who looks so little like the girl he remembers. Even as he vows that he won't stray again--out of weakness or whatever it was that had him stone-gone over her before--he can't help remembering how well he and Zoë fit together. They'd truly been two abnormal peas in an even stranger pod. But no other woman had ever gotten that misty look in her eyes when she looked at him, or kissed him like she'd forgotten anyone or anything else existed. No other woman made him so happy, so mad, so sad, and so content. Though he's walking stronger in the Lord than he ever has before and he finally knows what he wants in life, he's convinced Zoë Rossdale is not it--matchmaking mother or no matchmaking mother. So why can't he forget her and be done with it? 

For better or worse, Zoë will always be Zoë--the clumsy girl with her dress tucked into her pantyhose, toilet paper stuck to her shoe and trailing in her wake, the girl whose idea of falling in love is to stand at the edge of the precipice, throw out her arms and confidently jump into a free-fall. If Zoë will always be Zoë, the only question left is, can they both live with that fact? Forever? 

Zoë Rossdale was a secondary character in GLASS ANGELS, Book 4 of the Family Heirlooms Series. 

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Score: 4.50 (votes: 2)
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  • Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews
    Aug 29, 2017, 07:30
    Great read.

    Zoë Rossdale is the clumsy girl who somehow ends up in a tangle on the ground or spilling something across the dinner table and has Habanero-colored hair that always seems to go in the wrong direction. Zoë has never trusted a single person in her life (for good reasons) except her late mother ... until four years ago. That was when Zoë opened herself up to Curt. For a few months, Zoë had said and done things with him that she had never with anyone else. Zoë loved Curt with all her heart. She gave him everything, including her virginity. Then he unceremoniously dumped her - by phone message - for a woman with huge breasts. A woman who treated every man around her like a pet. A woman who only paid Curt attention whenever she wanted something from him.

    Somehow Zoë has become best friends with three gorgeous women. With their help, Zoë has tamed her wild hair, gotten a roof over her head, purchased a small and flattering wardrobe, has a job as a receptionist/secretary for a patient boss, and she is going to school to become a better employee. Everyone says she looks beautiful, but Zoë still feels like a dodo bird. And then Zoë literally runs into the only man she has ever loved.

    Curt Bertoletti does not want to simply work as a chef or waiter at the family's Italian restaurant, Ciatti's Italiano. Instead, Curt went to college so he could help with the financial side of the business. As the youngest in a large family, his older siblings have never let themselves see his potential. They often treat him as a joke. But Curt wants to expand the business. He has plans to secure the restaurant's future. If only his family would take him seriously.

    Over the past four years, Curt has often thought about Zoë. Gaining her trust had been a monumental feat. Curt had never been as happy as he was during his months with Zoë. And then Curt had solidified her distrust of men, him in particular, by betraying her. Losing Zoë has changed him profoundly and he realizes just how badly he wants her back. One way or another, he would have to prove to Zoë that he loves her and would remain faithful to her alone. She will not make it easy for him to win her back. She is justified in her distrust. If she makes them both miserable on the road to redemption, so be it. He will do anything for Zoë - except give up.

    **** FOUR STARS! What I did not mention in my synopsis is that no one in Curt's family, except his mother, has ever approved of Zoë. The woman that Curt had dumped Zoë for is also in this story. So Curt has his work cut out for him in proving his fidelity to Zoë. Another thing I did not mention is that Zoë and Curt both have big Maine Coon Cats. If not for those two cats, the pair may never have gotten back together.

    This is an Inspirational Romance, meaning that the characters often turn to God for His guidance. If you are not a Christian, you will still enjoy this tale very much, because the author does not shove religion down the throats of her readers. This story focuses on the trust and romance of the main couple. That is one of the things I like most about the author, Karen Wiesner.

    Each character has its own developed background; however, the main and secondary characters have fully developed ones. Zoë's roommate will have her story told in a later title. Zoë's two other friends had their stories told in the Family Heirloom Series (of which this new series is a spin-off). Each title is a stand-alone story and, as always, each story is fabulous! ****
  • Hotcha (amazon customer)
    Aug 29, 2017, 07:28
    The Clumsy Girl's Guide to Falling in Love

    freely chose to review this book as I am a avid fan of Ms. Wiesner and enjoy her heart warming stories that make you feel that you are there in person and not reading the books. The book is about an introverted string bean of a woman with size twelve feet that can out eat any man AND STILL NOT GAIN WEIGHT! (BIG SIGH) and she has a hatred of all men since her mom told her that she thought her dad and her aunt were having an affair and he threw her out as she was expelled from college. When her mom died, she knew that she was unloved. She had no friends as she never gave them a chance to know her as she feared being hurt. Months later, she met Curt Bertoletti and she let him in and opened up her soul to him, but he dumped her for another girl who was beautiful and had it going on. To make matters worse, he broke up with her by leaving a message on her telephone!

    I loved that Curt manned up and saw that the girl he had lusted over for years only used him to get whats he wanted and that he had a inner war with himself and his family that never approved of Zoe.
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