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Mroch, Courtney

A member of Mystery Writers of America and the Short Mystery Fiction Society, Courtney Mroch's award-winning short stories have appeared in numerous zines. Her short story, Skin Ish Ca, ranked #2 in the 2003 Preditors & Editors Reader Poll. Her e-book, Cellfish Ways, published by Echelon Press, is the publishers year-to-date #2 best-selling dollar download.

She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Wayne Pryor, and their cat, Mr. Meow (aka Kitty), and dog, Murphy.

Beneath the Morvan Moon is the first book in her Sun, Moon, & Stars trilogy.


Beneath The Morvan Moon by Courtney Lynn Mroch (Fantasy: Werewolf)
(2 reviews)  
A murder. A secret. A promise. When Gretchen Lauterbach's grandmother gives her a map marked with two Xs, it leads not to buried treasure, but to secrets buried beneath the Morvan moon.

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The Clock, the Cloak and the Needles: The Stories of the Enchanted Items from Beneath the Morvan Moon by Courtney Lynn Mroch (Fantasy Anthology)
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In Beneath the Morvan Moon, a cloak made of wolf's clothing factors heavily into the plot. The cloak possesses the power to transform a man into beast. The cloak's story, as well as that of a clock and a pair of knitting needles, are enchanted items with stories of their own. Stories finally shared together in one collection.

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