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Cowboy Fever Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1 - 5) by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Collection)

Cowboy Fever Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1 - 5) by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Collection)
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Book 1: Wings of Love
When Wings "Mac" Mackenzie falls in love, it's for life, and interior designer Amanda Grant is the woman he has his heart set on. When he asked her to move in with him at his fixer-upper ranch in Fever, Texas--the dinky little cattle town he and his brother grew up in--he'd expected to be there with her often. Unfortunately, as co-owner of a family-owned engineering firm, Mac finds himself spending more time than ever overseeing projects after his younger brother becomes a family man. With Amanda making the house a home for them, he struggles to get his business matters in hand so he can settle down with her, the way he longs to. An on-the-job injury puts his life in perspective. Eager to become a full-time rancher, he returns home at Christmas-time, ready to make the ultimate commitment to Amanda--only to find her long gone.

Book 2: Losses and Gains
Lance Olsen, Triple Aces Ranch co-owner, lost his wife Colleen and their two-year-old son in a fire four years ago. Colleen became the love of his life and he can't imagine ever getting over what they shared enough to move on and start again. At this point in his continued grief, the ranch is all that matters to him. He believes his heart is dead to him.

Colleen's baby sister, Janaya Gaines, left the ranch right out high school to pursue a different life--and to forget. Though she'd come home for her sister and nephew's funerals, she'd been too devastated to stay long...or to ever imagine coming home again. All her life, her sister had gotten everything she'd set her mind to, everything Janaya had wanted. Instead of competing and giving in to her resentment, Janaya left to find a life and maybe love of her own. But no one could ever replace Lance Olsen in her heart.

When she comes home, accepting that the life she's tried to build for herself has been a matter of mostly losses and few gains, she doesn't expect Lance's anger at her selfishness in staying away, nor does she anticipate that the animosity between them could ever stir the embers of true love.

Book 3: For Always
Long ago Jared Chapman, ranch foreman and co-owner of Triple Aces Ranch, silently gave his heart to Alana Hamilton, the orphan his grandmother brought to the ranch, and he's never regretted it. But, as a young man, he'd had no idea how to share the intensity of feelings he had for sweet and vulnerable, seventeen-year-old Alana. Instead, he'd awkwardly promised her he'd always be there for her.

Alana had loved Jared from the start for the kindness he showed her, but she didn't possess beauty, smarts or riches. Unwanted for most of her life, she'd learned to make the best of her lot in life. Not sure what a close-mouthed cowboy like Jared meant with his promise, she accepted the proposal of the one man who'd expressed interest in marrying her. Marriage to Holt Bowman meant leaving the only place she'd ever called home and giving up on true, fairytale love with Jared.

Jared had been silently devastated by Alana's marriage. But, true to his promise, when her husband begins to take the pressures of being up-and-coming politician out on her, Jared runs to her rescue. Alana isn't looking for a bodyguard. Can Jared open up and become the prince who will love her for always?

Book 4: Taming April
Shawn Jacobs, co-owner of Triple Aces Ranch, is the ultimate ladies' man. But, as his best friends find the women of their dreams and get hitched one by one, he wonders what he's missing. Once a classmate of Shawn's and the daughter of a hard-working ranch hand who never had enough money to buy her a dress, let alone move out of the filthy hovel they'd lived in together after her mother's death, April St. Clair is a high-powered lawyer. She's left the dirty, dusty, stinking life of cattle ranching as far behind her as she can get. The men she dates are dressed to the nine's, and their hands are as soft as their hearts. Unfortunately, she hasn't come home once since she left for college. When her father dies--alone--she's devastated. The only thing he left behind is a young mare that he'd wanted Shawn Jacobs and no other to train.

When the beautiful, snotty, green-eyed blond shows up at Triple Aces in treacherous high heels and designer clothing, asking him to train her father's horse, Shawn's amusement quickly turns to annoyance--and more. April infuriates him even as she turns him on. He knows it isn't just the wild horse that needs to be tamed. April resists him at every turn, but even she isn't immune to cowboy fever.

Book 5: The Only One
More than five years ago, Ken Abrams, Triple Aces Ranch co-owner, and his wife Karla were madly in love and expecting their first child. Tragedy took that unborn daughter from them and drove them into opposite corners. Seeing how unaffected Ken seemed by the loss of their child shook Karla's whole world. He didn't want to talk; didn't even appear to grieve. The very next morning, he was back out on his horse, doing ranch work, and she couldn't forgive him his ease in coping--especially when his work seemed to take over his entire life so she rarely saw him anymore. Devastated, Karla left him. Ken is the only man she's ever loved, and, after five years apart, she knows she has to make a decision: wash her hands of their marriage, or confront him about the loss of their unborn daughter.

Ken never understood why Karla left him, and, the few times he's contacted her, she's been as cold and volatile as a rattlesnake. He can only believe she also blames him for the death of their unborn child. He allows her the silent separation, unwilling to risk her asking him for a divorce. The death of his daughter tore him to pieces. Losing Karla will finish him for sure.

When Ken shows up with her four brothers at the exotic dance club Karla's been working as a waitress to make ends meet, she sees that he hasn't changed at all--and she tells him she wants a divorce ASAP. Can Ken prove the loss of their child all but destroyed him and she's still the only one for him?

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Cowboy Fever Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1 - 5) by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Collection)
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Karen Wiesner
Nov 5, 2015
5 Stars! “These five fabulous Triple Aces Ranch romances contain strong protagonists struggling with issues while falling in love. Karen "the wonderful writing wizard" Wiesner provides her fans with a terrific Texas anthology.” ~Harriet Klausner
“In the small town of Fever, Texas, a series of couples with turbulent histories reunite for the sake of true love, despite their differences. Wiesner packs each book with characters who share intense and strained relationships—a variable that makes their romance stories that much sweeter in the end. This anthology is great for whiling away a relaxing weekend.” ~RT Book Reviews
4 Stars! “This is a must read. The Cowboy Fever Series is a complete collection of stories suited for everyone. They will break your heart, make you fall in love, cry and laugh. They will make you face the insecurities and harsh realities of life. These are not light-hearted reads. They may evoke deep-down hidden emotions we try to ignore in our daily lives. Still, you should read these at least once. You will not regret it.” ~Coffee Time Romance & More

4 Stars! “If you like your cowboy romances clean but with a hint of contemporary drama, this is an enjoyable compilation that focuses on love relationships in the rural Texas panhandle town of Fever and, in particular, on the handsome male co-owners of Triple Aces Ranch. Each of these gems is a quick, satisfying read and Ms. Wiesner keeps things interesting by varying the plots and character motivations, while building a community of memorable heroes and heroines that pop up in each other's stories. As a whole, this series is a fine way to get your western romance on.” ~The Romance Reviews
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