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Cowboy Fever Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1 - 5)
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Cowboy Fever Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1 - 5)

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

This collection includes the first five novellas in the series.

Return to cowboy country in Fever, Texas, where the heat isn't the only thing causing a fever! See if you can find the heirloom wedding band in each story!

Wings of Love, Book 1: When Wings Mackenzie falls in love, it's for life, and Amanda is the woman he has his heart set on. He struggles to get his business matters in hand so he can settle down with her. But when he returns home, ready to make the ultimate commitment to Amanda, he finds her long gone. 

Losses and Gains, Book 2: Four years ago, Triple Aces Ranch co-owner, Lance Olsen, lost his wife and son in a fire. When her sister, his first love, comes home to Fever, sparks fly. But can an old flame be rekindled?

For Always, Book 3: As a young man, Jared had no idea how to share the intensity of his feelings with Alana. Instead, he'd awkwardly promised her he'd always be there for her. But she isn't looking for a bodyguard even when her up-on-coming politician husband begins taking the pressures of campaigning out on her. True to his promise, Jared runs to her rescue, but he open up and become the prince who'll love her for always?

Taming April, Book 4: Shawn Jacobs is the ultimate ladies' man. But when a former classmate of his shows up in treacherous high heels and designer clothing, asking him to train her father's horse, Shawn knows it isn't just the wild horse that needs to be tamed. 

The Only One, Book 5: Five years ago, Ken and Karla were madly in love and expecting their first child. Tragedy drove them into opposite corners. When Ken shows up with her brothers at the exotic dance club she's been working as a waitress, she sees he hasn't changed. Can Ken prove she's still the only one for him?

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 5, 2018, 16:38
    5 Stars! “These five fabulous Triple Aces Ranch romances contain strong protagonists struggling with issues while falling in love. Karen "the wonderful writing wizard" Wiesner provides her fans with a terrific Texas anthology.” ~Harriet Klausner
    “In the small town of Fever, Texas, a series of couples with turbulent histories reunite for the sake of true love, despite their differences. Wiesner packs each book with characters who share intense and strained relationships—a variable that makes their romance stories that much sweeter in the end. This anthology is great for whiling away a relaxing weekend.” ~RT Book Reviews
    4 Stars! “Wings of Love, Book 1: I like Wings. I like his loyalty, views and commitments. I understand where he is coming from, so I can easily relate to him. Losses and Gains, Book 2: A heart-breaking story that tells us about the consequences of selfish actions, of avoiding to stand up for what one believes in and of how hate makes you forget all the good. If both Lance and Janaya have been wronged, they also show how God works in mysterious ways. For Always, Book 3: …this story is a must read to know the classic signs of domestic abuse and to learn what is unacceptable and when to take a stand. Taming April, Book 4: I am still bawling after reading this story. The author has brilliantly made us face the heart-breaking and bitter truths of life. What has me crying is the relationship between April and her dad—how children tend to be cruel and ignorant of parents in the race of success. Yet how much they still do for us with and without us knowing about it. An eye-opener indeed to our responsibilities toward our parents, no matter what they say to make us feel better. This is my favorite story from the whole collection. A must read. The Only One, Book 5: Okay, I am crying my eyes out again. This is my second favorite story from this collection. Their grief at losing their child and then each other is heartbreaking. I cannot imagine going through it. It is a universal fact that everyone grieves in their own way. Unable to accept the way the other grieves makes or breaks a relationship, as we see with Ken and Karla. This is a must read. Just be prepared to have your heart broken. The Cowboy Fever Series is a complete collection of stories suited for everyone. They will break your heart, make you fall in love, cry and laugh. They will make you face the insecurities and harsh realities of life. These are not light-hearted reads. They may evoke deep-down hidden emotions we try to ignore in our daily lives. Still, you should read these at least once. You will not regret it.” ~Coffee Time Romance & More
    4 Stars! “If you like your cowboy romances clean but with a hint of contemporary drama, you'll appreciate the fact that Whiskey Creek Press is now offering the first five novellas in Karen Wiesner's Cowboy Fever Series together for the first time. This is an enjoyable compilation that focuses on love relationships in the rural Texas panhandle town of Fever and, in particular, on the handsome male co-owners of Triple Aces Ranch. The first novella titled WINGS OF LOVE, features a Fever born engineer and a wealthy, big city interior designer. Wings, the hero, is in love with Amanda but he fears dropping the big, bad "L-word" will send her packing. In Book 2, LOSSES AND GAINES, Janaya's heart was broken when her older sister's manipulations caused Janaya to leave love behind. Lance is available again, but he's now a bitter man and not receptive to the woman who turned her back and stayed gone too long. Moving on to Book 3, Jared Chapman had loved Alana since his grandmother took the orphaned girl in, but shy and reserved Jared could never bring himself to confess his love, and Alana married someone else. When Jared discovered Alana was trapped in an abusive marriage, a long-standing vow drove him to be there for Alana FOR ALWAYS. Lubbock attorney April St. Clair grew up the dirt poor daughter of a cow poke, so loving one is out of the question. Shawn Jacobs is part owner of Triple Aces Ranch, but he's a cowboy and the local Lothario, too. In Book 4, one look at the out-of-place city girl has Shawn fighting two sudden desires--TAMING APRIL and becoming a one-woman man. And, finally to bring this satisfying compilation of romance to a close, Ms. Wiesner offers up Book 5, THE ONLY ONE. A miscarriage and grief drove a wedge between Karla and Ken. Five long years of separation needs a final resolution and the choices are limited--a divorce or a new beginning. Each of these gems is a quick, satisfying read and Ms. Wiesner keeps things interesting by varying the plots and character motivations, while building a community of memorable heroes and heroines that pop up in each other's stories. I know Ms. Wiesner has a recent new addition to this series and those who like this compilation will likely check out Book 6, DRIFTER'S HEART, as I plan to do. As a whole, this series is a fine way to get your western romance on.” ~The Romance Reviews

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