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Woodcutter's Grim Series, Book 3: Dancing to the Grave by Karen Wiesner (Romantic Horror Novella)

Woodcutter's Grim Series, Book 3: Dancing to the Grave by Karen Wiesner (Romantic Horror Novella)
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Loosely based on "The Pied Piper of Hamelin". The children of Woodcutter's Grim are changing...and only one person, music teacher Diane Anders, realizes the truth. Can she and her husband, Kurt Jones, a member of the ancient lineage of the Protectorate's Chosen Seven, save them and the future of their town?

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Woodcutter's Grim Series, Book 3: Dancing to the Grave by Karen Wiesner (Romantic Horror Novella)
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Karen Wiesner
Jun 22, 2015
Awards & Honors:
2008 Dream Realms Award winner
2008 EPIC Award finalist
Siren Book Reviews Best Book of 2010 nominee
Recommended Read from Dark Angel Reviews
5 Paw Prints from Howling Good Books
5 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews
5 tombstones from Bitten by Books
5 stars from Huntress Reviews
4.5 hearts and Reviewer Top Pick from Night Owl Romance
4 1/2 stones from Siren Book Reviews
4.25 stars from Huntress Reviews
4 stars from RT Book Reviews

5 Paw Prints! “This is a tale of mayhem and an interesting look at The Pied Piper. A thrilling tale to read on a dark stormy night. If you are looking only for a Happily Ever After, then be forewarned this may not qualify, but instead leads the reader through the twisted streets of a town that is steeped not only in superstition but also in fairytales. Beware the streets of Woodcutter’s Grim on All Hallow’s Eve, lest the creatures that prowl the night come to bear witness to the deals you strike with their devil. This is definitely a book that I will reread! And one I recommend to any parent who enjoyed the original tales before they were remade for children. This loosely based story brings to mind just how creepy the original tale was!” ~Howling Good Books http://howlinggoodbooks.com/index.php?id=209

4 1/2 Stones! “There's a town somewhere in America where evil lurks. Escaping through a portal in time, the darkness torments the town of Woodcutter's Grim by performing acts of mischief and harm by warping those fairy tales most of us grew up reading and enjoying. But, though the townspeople feel this evil in their being, the Protectorate works tirelessly to keep the evil behind the scenes. It is up to them to protect the people from the evil as well as figure out what mischief is being conducted. Getting right to the point: This is a must read! Being one of those people who've grown up on fairy tales such as Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and the likes, I found it so very intriguing how the author not only reminds the readers of past tales, but incorporates the same look, feel and even more emotion for a modern-day audience with a very modern approach to each. This is not a story for kids! I loved the characters and how each played into the overall story, how each story played into the overall book. Karen Wiesner has taken me for a ride into her world and I have to admit, I was saddened to leave Woodcutter's Grim when I finished the book. Karen made my blood boil, my nerves fray and even more importantly, my heart ached for her characters. I would suggest all read this as soon as possible. By all means, sit in your favorite chair on a nice night and let Karen take you for a ride! This is one of those books I would love to have in hard cover, sitting on my bookshelf to pull out at any time to sit and enjoy.” ~Siren Book Reviews http://sirenbookreviews.blogspot.com/2010/05/karen-wiesner-woodcutters-grim-series.html

4 Stars! "In Wiesner's well-written story, familiar fairy-tale characters come to life as horrific monsters in a fictional town with a terrifying life force of its own. Characters are well drawn, but beware the clever townspeople, because everyone is suspect." ~RT Book Reviews

4 Lips! “Karen sets this story around Halloween and that gives it a much scarier feel when you are reading. Readers, this fantastic book should be read around Halloween. Don't forget, though, when you turn your lights out you may hear things that go bump in the night. Great job, Karen. I love how you combined romance and. I really enjoyed your book, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to review it!” ~ParanormalRomance.ca http://paranormalromance.ca/horrorreviews.html

4 Cups! "This story gives you one more reason to intensely dislike rodents, and is probably my favorite book in the series. Diana and Kurt are equally strong and interesting characters. Their story is one of love, and a devotion to fight together in order to save their marriage. The Woodcutter's Grim Series takes childhood fairytales to the extreme. They are all somewhat creepy if you really think about them. It is no wonder kids have nightmares after hearing them. I enjoyed them all, but Book 3 is my favorite with its equally strong characters. Sleep tight!” ~Coffee Time Romance http://coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/Woodcuttersgrimseries.html

4 Stars! “This frighteningly amazing story puts a whole new twist on some old fairytales. Written very well, this story captured my imagination with its imagery and the descriptive scenes. Dancing to the Grave was loosely based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin and was a thrilling mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. I really liked how Diana and Kurt worked together and how the author was able to turn the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin into an adventure filled thriller with a bit of romance as well. This story kept me riveted to the pages and anxious to see what would happen next. Fans of wicked ro
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