Debra M. Scatasti

“George and His Magic Mirror” is Debra’s first novel. Please call her Debbie, she would like everyone else to. She is now in the process of trying to have three other books published and three years ago found writing to be one of her favorite pastimes. Debbie was born in Wilmington, Delaware in May of 1955, and is married to a wonderful, supporting husband Anthony, with two hours made her most happy. Especially when times were not so good for her. Debbie has had many back surgeries since she was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) in 1969. She was treated with surgery that stopped her from being crippled. Three years ago Debbie had plenty of time on her hands to recuperate from three surgeries in 1998 that forced her to retire at a young age beautiful children, a boy Anthony Francis II, and a girl Melissa Marie.

Debbie found a dream, the dream of writing. She knew there was something in her life that she was supposed to do. She found that writing for from day to day work in an office setting. She remembered her husband telling her how nice she wrote letters in the past and this triggered an idea in her brain to start writing, but not letters, she was writing her first novel. Debbie picked up a pen and hasn’t been able to put it down since. She hopes this will be an exciting adventure to start her own home business as a writer.

“George and His Magic Mirror” will be the first of many series of books to come. There is no special age for reading this book. Anyone who has an imagination and sometimes likes to believe in fantasies, will love George and his adventures in his magic mirror. Debbie wants all moms or dads to be able to have their child pick a book off the shelf before bed and say, “Come on mom, let’s read the next chapter to ‘George and His Magic Mirror’. I can’t wait to see where George goes on his next adventure through the magic mirror.”