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General information about ebooks
How Do I Buy and Download My Purchase?
Payment Information
Information about Children's Picture Books


I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

You can recover your lost account information by using this form. Please enter your valid email address (the one you used for registration) and your account information will be mailed to you shortly.

Can I send the ebooks that I've purchased to family and friends?

No. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

How do I get a book published with Writers Exchange E-Publishing?

We are always on the lookout for exciting new authors. Please read our Submission Guidelines for more information.

I'd like to buy a gift certificate for a friend. Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! Please head over to our Gift Certificate Page.

Is your site Family friendly?

Yes! We have a Family Friendly rating. Check out the Family Friendly site for more details.

General information about ebooks

What is an ebook?

Ebooks are electronic books that can be read on your computer or an ebook reader device. For more information, visit the What are ebooks? page.

Do I require software to download an ebook?

In some cases you do, depending on which ebook reading device you are using. Visit the What are ebooks?page for more details.

How do I use your website to find an ebook?

Left-hand navigation bar (on every page of the website):

  • Typing the author, genre or title into the search bar
  • Using our drop down menu of authors
  • Browsing the ebooks by genre
  • Clicking on the links from our most popular authors
  • Clicking on the Series logos for our most popular series
  • or

    Top Navigation bar (on every page of the website):

  • Viewing books alphabetically by title, with our products map
  • Using our Site Map to see every page on the entire site!
  • Flicking through our amazing catalogue
  • On the Home Page or other pages:

  • Viewing the featured products and latest releases on our Home page
  • Viewing the books released in the last sixty days on our New Arrivals page
  • Viewing the books currently on sale on our On Sale page
  • Viewing all titles listed by Genre
  • What do I do once I've found an ebook I like?

    Click on the small book cover to find out more information. This will take you to the book's main page, which may display a longer description than shown anywhere else on the site, as well as a small section of the story for you to read through (or an internal picture of an illustrated book) before buying. You can also view any reviews or ratings that the book has received.

    How Do I Buy and Download My Purchase?

    How do I purchase an ebook?

    Simply add the book to your cart and then proceed to the checkout.

    What if I want to buy more than one ebook?

    If you wish to buy more than one ebook, click on "continue shopping" to go back to the store to choose more books. When you are ready to finish shopping you can then proceed to the checkout.

    What happens once I have paid for my purchase at the checkout? How do I get my ebook?

    Once you have paid for your purchase through the checkout you will be taken straight to a download page where you can download your purchase. You will also be emailed a link to that download page, or additional pages if necessary.

    You can also access your download through your "Orders History" page.

    How long does the download page exist for?

    The emailed download page exists for 48 hours, but you can download through your "Orders History" page forever.

    I wasn't able to download my ebook immediately. What can I do?

    If you logged in at the checkout (either by creating an account or logging into an existing Writers Exchange account) you can go to your "Orders History" page under your account and download.

    If you used the anonymous checkout and cannot download your ebook within 48 hours, please email Sandy Cummins via the "Contact Us" with the order number and she will manually increase the download time.

    What are the download formats that the novels are available in?

    Where there is only one file, you click (or double click) on that file to open the book:

  • pdf ("book-name.pdf") - one file
  • Microsoft Reader ("book-name.lit") - one file
  • Palm ("book-name.pdb") - one file
  • Kindle/Mobipocket ("book-name.prc" or "book-name.mobi") - one file
  • Gemstar 1150/Ebookwise 1150 ("book-name1150.imp") - one file
  • Gemstar 2150 ("book-name2150.imp") - one file
  • Rocket ("book-name.rb") - one file
  • html ("book-name.htm" + all pictures needed for the book ["file-name.gif" or "file-name.jpg"]) - multiple files. Provided by a single zip file which needs to be extracted first, then click on the .htm file to access the book
  • Desktop Author page flipping formats: exe (opens automatically in windows) - one file
  • Desktop Author page flipping formats: dnl (opens windows and Macs if you have downloaded the reader program) - one file
  • Epub - ("book-name.epub") - runs in some reading devices and on the iphone and ipad) one file
  • Will the Kindle ebook Reader from Amazon automatically read all books?

    The Kindle E-Book Reading device will automatically read all books available in unencrypted mobipocket (prc) and (mobi). They do not need anything done to them, just use your USB cable to transfer the book from your computer to your Kindle.

    Payment Information

    How do I pay for my ebook/s?

    By credit card or PayPal. Either way, we use the Paypal shopping cart. The good thing about this PayPal arrangement is that you don't require a PayPal account to make purchases. If you wish to use your PayPal account, you simply log in when asked. If you wish to pay by credit card, you don't log in to PayPal, you simply fill out the credit card fields.

    What currency do I pay in?

    All prices on this website are in US Currency. No matter which country you are making your purchase from, you can pay in your own currency by using your PayPal account or with a credit card, and Paypal will automatically make the conversion.

    What if something goes wrong after I pay?

    In the rare case that something goes wrong after you pay, don't worry, the cart also emails your download page URL (the page where you can retrieve your ebook/s) to the email address that you logged in with.

    Is my payment secure? Does Writers Exchange E-publishing see and keep my credit card details?

    Your payment is absolutely secure, and no, we do not see or keep your credit card details. All financial information is entered into the PayPal cart, not on our website. Our website takes the initial order information and then transfers you to PayPal's secure site before any credit card information is required. You are then transferred back to our website to download your ebook, so make sure you hit the "return to merchant button".

    But a message on my browser said that I was moving back to a non-secure website after I paid on Paypal? Do I need to worry?

    Not at all. Some people get concerned when they move from our shopping cart to PayPal and back again, because some internet browsers will display a message letting them know that they are moving to a non-secure website. We did not buy a security key for the Writers Exchange E-Publishing website (thus making it not an official "secure" website); because our website and shopping cart does not receive any credit card information. Only the PayPal shopping cart receives payments and it is entirely secure.

    I've had a problem during the payment process, who do I contact?

    If you have any problems or queries, email Sandy Cummins using the Contact form and she will respond within 24 hours. (Please keep in mind the time difference. When you send your email, Sandy may be asleep in Australia).

    Information about Children's Picture Books

    What file formats are the Children's Picture Books available in?

    Originally the children's books were made in adobe (pdf), Microsoft reader and html formats. Over the years we have made the books look much better, but doing so has made the files larger, making it just too large for Microsoft Reader to handle. In 2004 we changed the regular html versions for really cute ones that have an open book background and navigation buttons for changing the pages.

    How do I download the Children's Picture book?

    1. If you choose a particular book format, it will show on your download page, right click on it and choose "save target as", this will then allow you to save the book to your hard drive
    2. For Children's books or html formats you will have a zipped file, please follow the instructions below on how to access the actual book files
    3. If you don't already have WinZip or StuffitExpander get it now (the free trial versions can be used indefinitely), once it has been installed, go back to the file you downloaded from Writers Exchange. Or you can right click on a zip file in later versions of Windows and tell it to "extract" your files
    4. Double click on the file (it will end in ".zip").
    5. Make sure that you have the "use folder names" option ticked in the WinZip program or this will not work properly.
    6. When the screen shows all the files in the zip, tell the program to "extract" these to a directory (or folder) on your hard drive.
    7. Close WinZip and open the chosen directory (folder) using "My Computer" - IMPORTANT, always save these books to a new directory.
    8. Go to the specified directory and you will find two files a folder called "Book_Files" and a HTML file called "Start_name_of_book.htm". Double click on "Start_name_of_book.htm" - this then opens your browser where you view the cover page and navigate to the next page via the buttons on the right. It is very important to keep the Book_Files folder as all the pictures, sound files and other HTML files are stored here out of your way.
    9. This version will now be available for the two most common screen types (600 x 800 and 1024 x 768). If the picture looks like it's the wrong size for your screen, you can just download the other one.

    What file formats are the Flip Books available in?

    As of June 2005 we changed to "flip album" books. This format allows the pages to actually turn on the screen - flipping like the pages of a real book. We can also make DVD versions of this format that will run on your television (coming eventually) and add audio later as well.

    This format (and PDF) will be the only formats that our new books will come out in from now on, and older books will be made in this format as we get time - in some cases we will keep some of the older formats as well.

    To run the program necessary to view these files you need to install Flip Viewer which you can download for Windows or Mac (note this works only for OS 10 and newer versions) - the viewer is free and once it is installed it will work for all of these books in flip album format.

    How do I download the Flip Books?

    1. Download purchased book from the download page you were sent to upon purchase.
    2. Save the book to a directory (that you will remember) on your hard drive.
    3. Download the viewing program from the download page you were sent to upon purchase or from the links above.
    4. Install the viewing program. In Windows just double click on the file you downloaded "fv36.exe", Windows should then automatically install it for you.
    5. Open the zipped file which will contain the book itself ("book name.opf") and the supporting directory (folder) that contains the files used to make the book.
    6. Open viewing program on your computer
    7. Inside the viewing program choose the "file" drop down menu in the top left corner of the screen.
    8. Choose "open file" DO NOT USE "OPEN FOLDER" as this will make a book on the fly that will not be correct.
    9. Browse your hard drive for the directory you put the book in and click on the "book-name.opf" file.
    10. This will now open your book.
    11. All future books will just require you to save the book file on your hard drive - you will not have to re-download the viewing program or reinstall it.
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