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Family Heirlooms Series Collection Volume 1 (Books 1 - 3)
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Family Heirlooms Series Collection Volume 1 (Books 1 - 3)

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Nuggets of faith can be passed down as family heirlooms from parent to child, sibling to sibling, spouse to spouse.

Book 1: Baby, Baby

Book One Family Heirloom: Accepting God's will 

A Proverbs 31 wife wonders, does "submissive" mean giving up having anything of her own? 

Thirty-seven-year-old Tamara Wolfe married her childhood sweetheart, Robert, right out of high school and proceeded to have a passel of children who fill her life to capacity. With the last of her children in preschool, Tamara decides to make a business out of her long-time love of creating designer gift baskets. She doesn't expect Robert to be against it from her first word. 

Robert has always prided himself on giving Tamara the option of staying home to raise the children, just as his father did before him. Since birth, it's been drilled into him that a man who doesn't provide for his family is the worst kind of loser. What will happen if her business takes off? She won't have time to take care of the family. Worse, maybe she won't need him anymore. Although they'd agreed years before their family was complete, Robert considers that perhaps the cure for Tamara's restlessness is another baby. 

Tamara prays for wisdom. All she wants is a small space of time for herself. Is she being selfish? Or is God leading her to continue being an outdated model of the Proverbs 31 wife--submissive, but never equal? 

Book 2: Shadow Boxing

Book Two Family Heirloom: Building Love

Joined before God and family out of a sense of responsibility? Or love? 

As a teenager, Justine Morris's escape from the pressures of caring for her dying father was stolen moments with Joshua Samuels. But their tender, desperate liaison found them facing teen pregnancy. Afraid of their Christian families' responses to the situation, they married quickly and built a life for their child. 

But now that their daughter is ready to fly the nest, Justine can no longer ignore the truth: She and Joshua haven't had a real marriage for a long time. Maybe they never had one at all. 

Joshua is only too aware that his busy, professional attorney wife is an independent woman who never really needed him. After nearly two decades of marriage, he's quit trying to get more than a piece of her at a time. Without their daughter holding them together, he knows the chasm between them will grow to epic proportions. 

Their empty nest looming, they face the hard questions. Had they married in love...or out of a hasty sense of responsibility? Was it God's will for them to be together? And now, is it worth the effort to learn to become one as the Lord intends for a man and a woman...or better to simply let go? 

Book 3: Foolish Games

Book Three Family Heirloom: Healing 

She was one of his late wife's best friends. He's the man she's loved from afar for as long as she can remember. Falling in love could take simply letting go of their fears...or a miracle. 

Peter Samuels had lost his beloved wife Lydia to a brain tumor just one year earlier. His grief continues to overwhelm him, especially now that he's the sole caretaker of their growing children and he's alone once more in the world without a partner. 

Kimberly Wolfe has always loved her boss Peter, but she's loved him from afar. For years, she'd endured Lydia's misguided attempts to fix her up with one Christian man after another. She'd envied Peter and Lydia's love for one another, and, most recently, she'd consoled him in his grief over the loss of his wife and her close friend. But for as long as she can remember, her domineering father has used the Bible to justify his God-given place as head of the household, destroying Kimberly's mother and her own ability to trust men. A committed Christian, she struggles to forgive her father when he refuses to repent and see the wrong he's done. 

An innocent kiss on New Year's leads to a growing awareness between Peter and Kimberly. Peter wonders if there can be love again after such devastation. Kimberly wrestles with her fears borne of the past. Can Peter ever see her as more than an employee and a shoulder to lean on? Can he accept her as a Christian woman who's nowhere near content to live out her life without the love of a man and a family of her own? 

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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 15, 2018, 19:40
    Book 1: Baby, Baby

    2008 Ecataromance Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    The Romance Studio’s Sweetheart Award Winner
    The Romance Studio’s 2008 CAPA Award Winner
    5 star review from
    WDRF’s Top Read of Excellence
    5 star review from MyBookAddictionReviews
    5 star review from Classic Romance Revival
    5 star review for Ecataromance
    #5 on the Amazon Contemporary Christian Romance Bestseller List

    5 Stars! “I was pleased to find out Ms. Wiesner is doing a series of this community of Peaceful, Wisconsin. There are many supporting cast members who were screaming to be acknowledged during Tamara and Robert’s story. The sub characters were very important to the telling of the Wolfe family saga. Even though Tammy and Robert were deeply in love and took care of their family, they were constantly involved in their community and church. These characters, both siblings, parents, neighbors, and townsfolk were such loving and believable people that it was as if I was living in that small town. Tamara and Robert Wolfe’s story was told so beautifully. It was apparent at the beginning, even throughout their problems, that they each loved the other to distraction. This late-thirties couple was struggling not only financially but also emotionally. The expertise in revealing Ms. Wiesner’s storyline created a spell-binding tale that I just could not help but love. She is truly a gifted author with a remarkably talented way of expressing her story. I cannot wait for her next installment in this series. I highly recommend you read this book.” ~The Romance Studio
    5 Stars! "All couples go through different phases of their relationship. From loving newlyweds to empty nesters, life is constantly changing. Karen Wiesner offers readers a story that demonstrates how a marriage can not only survive, but also thrive in face of change. Tamara and Robert also demonstrate that the physical intimacy of marriage can continue throughout the years. I enjoyed the story, especially the Christian slant. Christian women will enjoy this new romance by Karen Wiesner."
    Top Read of Excellence! "Normally I don't like to read books that have a religious tone to them, but I am very glad to have read this book. I enjoyed this book very much. Karen Wiesner has penned a fabulous read and I highly recommend this to everyone. I think that anyone who is married, thinking about marriage or just thinking about long-term relationships should read this book. This book shows the work inherent in keeping a family/marriage whole. It’s not just the job of one person, but of the entire family. After reading this book, I felt the need to go hug my family and let them know that I loved them dearly. Any book that can make me do that is a powerful read indeed." ~WRDF Review
    5 Wings! "BABY, BABY by Karen Wiesner is a heart-warming inspirational that addresses the problem of adhering to biblical teaching in a modern world. Ms. Wiesner takes the reader expertly through Tamara Wolfe’s desire to accept God’s will, her desire to create a home-based business out of something she loves doing, and her desire to have a loving relationship with her husband, the love of her life. I could feel Tamara’s struggle and how unhappy Robert’s attitude made her. She becomes fearful that he will be like his father, a man who wanted to control every aspect of his wife’s life—including when she would have children. BABY, BABY shows the reader how God can change our attitudes, our lives, and our circumstances. All Tamara and Robert had to do was accept God’s will and wait for His timing. Thank you, Ms. Wiesner, for writing a charming book with insights that can help all of us in our daily struggles." ~Classic Romance Revival
    5 Stars! "I liked Tamara very much—the way she had to deal with a controlling husband. She always came through with God's help. She was very strong in [her faith]. She was like a cup of cold water. This could teach us a few things of how to trust God in our time of trials. I enjoyed this story very much.” ~My Book Addiction Reviews 4.5 Stars! "Marriage is a dance and when the two dancers work harmoniously; leading and following becomes the most natural thing. Following your partner or taking the lead when you feel he has the wrong rhythm for this dance is a dilemma not easily solved. The realism and sincerity of this book and the way its author discloses the story from both points of view make this novel not only marvelous romantic reading but also a great input about marriage relationships. Karen Wiesner really excels at developing such an enchanting story that will captivate you from beginning to end, making you feel like more than just reading the story you had experienced it. I highly recommend this book." ~Ecataromance
    4 Stars! "In this first book of Wiesner's Family Heirlooms series, a number of couples are having marital problems. Their belief in God and his ability to see them through makes this a heartwarming and inspiring romance. The message of love and faith is presented in an entertaining and non-preachy way. " ~Romantic Times BOOKreviews
    4 Stars! “As I read the book’s description, I knew I would like the book, but I had no idea that I was going to be drawn in so completely. Karen Wiesner’s ability to paint such a wonderful picture with her words was outstanding! As I read Tamara and Robert’s story, I thought to myself... “She is writing about real people, who live real lives, and they have real struggles.” The love they shared for each other is what every marriage should be, but, when they actually discussed their problems, I was excited to read on... I love to read most any inspirational books, but Wiesner has me truly captivated with her characters and their real life situations. I’m excited to read the next book in the series!” ~Novel Editions
    4 Red Roses! "This is an interesting story that shows how faith can lead the faithful. For those that enjoy inspirational stories, you will greatly enjoy this one. The reader is taken on a journey as Robert and Tamara find their way through Tamara's decision of having her business and what it means for them together. It is interesting to see how they grow through the story. The characters are complex and well-written and move the story along very well. For readers that enjoy this genre, this is definitely a series to check out." ~Red Roses for Authors
    4 Cups! "I cannot express how loving BABY, BABY is with all the emotions that encircle in this moving relationship with Tamara and Robert. I enjoyed reading how they undergo so many different levels in their marriage. Watching them finally come together and reach that mark makes it all worthwhile. With well-developed players, and a love that tugs at the heart, Karen Wiesner remarkably brings believable people and a town to life. They are able to stay close-knit and work through matters, even with many obstacles. I love how she demonstrates how the years in a marriage can still hold faith, hope, charity and forgiveness in this tender story." ~Coffee Time Romance
    4 Stars! “I found this to be quite an interesting tale. In a lot of fiction stories, you find the lead couple young and never been married. Not so in this story. This lead couple has been married a number of years and their world is somewhat shifting because their youngest child is now in school. How things had always been were changing. Change can be a scary thing to an insecure person. Robert was insecure. I really liked Robert. He was sweet and loving to Tamara, but I felt like he was being unreasonable about Tamara's basket business—although as you get to know his background you can somewhat understand why he felt that way. Our emotions aren't always reasonable. I liked Tamara as a leading lady. She displayed an inner strength that helped her deal with her husband's issues in the right way. I also liked how this couple was determined to make things work. I think sometimes couples are just too quick to give up. So I appreciated the way they were determined to see it through. Tamara always strove to do the right thing in the right way. In the story, there is a male friend who has feelings for Tamara (unbeknownst to her) and he's very supportive to her when her husband is not. She confides in him that Robert isn't happy about her business. I think a valuable point was made in the story that it's not healthy for a married woman to have another man as a confidante. Very wise advice. I enjoyed the way the author allows us to see each of the characters internal struggles which is helpful in understanding why they think the way they do. I enjoyed all the secondary 'family' characters, too, and look forward to hearing their stories as well.” ~Love 2 Read Novels Blog
    4 Stars! “As far as the reader will see, this first novel is more about tolerance and letting the wife enjoy some time she desires with friends and get her business off the ground. What he does, is fine, but when two people clash like this, there are only two courses of action - divorce or compromise, and the reader will enjoy finding out which one will apply to the couple.” ~Love Romance Passion
    "In BABY, BABY, Karen Wiesner creates a heartwarming family and a sweet couple in Tamara and Robert. BABY, BABY does a great job showing a romance changing and growing even after years of marriage. Both Tamara and Robert look beyond their own wants and examine God’s will for their lives. This is truly a heartwarming story." ~Romance Junkies
    "Wiesner throws her characters headfirst into the Refiner's fire. To keep their marriage intact, Robert and Tamara have to overcome pride, trust and a bad parental role model. Wiesner shows the raw side of misplaced trust. Before the end, you'll be wincing at mistakes made and rejoicing at the choices made as a marriage emerges--newly formed--under God's grace." ~Diane Lesire Brandmeyer, author of Hearts on the Road
    "A refreshing look at family conflict wrapped in a sweet story of love, faith and forgiveness. I look forward to the next book in the Family Heirloom Series." ~author Robin Bayne
    Rating of 83! "I debated with myself for a while about whether I should read, much less review, Karen Wiesner's BABY, BABY. You see, this is an inspirational romance and in the past I have a very hard time identifying with the principles of the main characters in inspirational romances. Maybe I was just unlucky, but most of those inspirational romances that I'd attempted to read in the past make my blood boil, especially those where the hero was free to act like an *&^ as he judged and condemned a perpetually guilt-ridden and self-loathing "sinner" heroine whose sin would always turned out to be ridiculously minor for the amount of crap everyone gave her. BABY, BABY however turns out to be very different from those creepy inspirational romances. Fortunately for my blood pressure, Ms Wiesner's position in this story is that Robert is not absolutely correct. In fact, Tamara will not meekly submit to the husband like a timid little doormat but instead correctly views Robert's behavior as a lack of trust on his part on her ability to play her role as a wife and mother. I like Tamara and the secondary characters in this story. They are smart and reasonable characters. Thanks to them, the story turns out to be a well-written and even heartwarming read. I am not exactly a religious person but I find BABY, BABY a pleasant read nonetheless. This is mostly I can easily accept the actions of the main characters and the message behind the story. I can't say how this one will work for a reader of inspirational romances since I am not one of them, but I can say however that I do like this one and who knows, if you are like me, you may just do so too."
    "This story was a nice, quick read. It wasn’t complicated; it wasn’t meant to confuse you; it was simply meant to be a nice story. Karen Wiesner does a great job giving her readers one of those books that is very light on the heart and a great summertime read. This is a simply a story of faith, love, and trust. This is a story is very real in the fact that couples get into arguments all the time and it’s how you handle them that decides the fate of your marriage. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light read. This would be especially good for Christian women. I myself am not a religious person, but still found this a pleasant read. I got a little angry at Robert’s ignorance and stubbornness when it came to the issue of women earning an income, but the end result put a contented smile on my face. This is definitely a great beach read!" ~Front Street Reviews and Ashley's Booktopia
    “The Wolfe family greatly resembles the Cleaver family from the old television show Leave It To Beaver. It is up to Tamara to care for the children, keep the house spotless, take the kids to (and be part of) all after school activities, and have a hot meal (usually made from scratch) waiting on the table when Robert comes home. Even Tamara's nights are not her own. All Robert must do is work his eight hours and come home for Tamara to pamper him. Author Karen Wiesner brings the Wolfe family into the new century. Though it is obviously due to the influence of Robert's father, the mind-set about only the man being allowed to financially support the family is a thing of the past. And I am in awe of Tamara. Personally, I can think of very few women who have been crafted from the same mold as Tamara. (Keeping the house totally spotless, cooking all the meals, and caring for all the kids more than makes a full time job. Yet instead of relaxing for the few precious hours that she has for herself, Tamara prefers to turn her hobby into a part time job!). I had a bit of trouble believing Robert's stubbornness at first, especially as I witnessed him down-playing the talents of a woman he was supposed to love, until it dawned on me HOW he came to be this way. My epiphany came from a minor character, Robert's sister. Wiesner's subtle inclusion of his sister is what finally, to me, made Robert's character believable. If you are looking for a sweet, Christian romance, you have no need to go any further than here.” ~Huntress Reviews
    “This is a reprint of the first entertaining Family Heirlooms inspirational family drama. The enjoyable story line is character-driven mostly by the lead couple, but ably supported by a strong support cast especially the extended family. Fans will appreciate Robert’s actions and reactions when Tamara announces her intention of a designer gift basket business; as he makes the tale worth reading.” ~Harriet Klausner
    4.25 Stars! “Tamara and Robert have had a nice marriage raising several children together. They have shared their ups and downs and most importantly have shared their faith. As their youngest child enters pre-school, Tamara is encouraged by a stranger to market the gift baskets that have been a labor of love for her to make special and give as gifts. Before she even realizes it, Tamara is buying the materials and passing out flyers through her friends and sister-in-law who think this is a grand idea. Unfortunately, when Tamara presents the idea to Robert, he is angered and threatened. Robert’s father had always insisted that it was the husband’s responsibility to provide for the family and his wife had no business going out to work. Robert had no idea how limiting this was for his mother, and he has managed to forget his mother’s unhappiness at the restrictions placed on her. Robert argues that setting up the basket business will effect Tamara’s household and family life. Also he insists that they don’t need the extra money that she could bring in—even if it would help with upcoming college expenses which will stress their budget if he doesn’t get the promotion he is fighting for at work. Robert is a worrier and has had times of depression that Tamara has patiently worked through. Now he gets more tense as the promotion looks like it will go to a less qualified co-worker. He also wonders if Tamara might be attracted to another man at their church who has had a secret crush on her for years. Tamara is concerned that Robert may even be trying to force her to get pregnant to keep her with young ones so she can’t develop this side interest. His behavior causes pain and hurt for Tamara and frightens his sister who thinks that he will be unreasonably dictatorial like their father. Tamara is a beautiful, loving and supportive character—I’d love a friend like her. Robert’s work stresses are very vivid to me as my husband had to deal with a similar situation. The tension builds and secrets are revealed. The couple experiences much stress and some estrangement before they can talk clearly and hear each other’s concerns and desires. This communication problem is so real in life, as are the problem of worrying too much and the issue of submission being improperly used as a tool of control in some Christian households. The writing flows well and kept me engaged in the interesting problems. I was anxious to learn how the matters were resolved. I highly recommend reading Ms. Wiesner’s works if you enjoy life-like stories that deal with real Christian issues.” ~Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf
    5 Stars! “An outstanding Christian romance! The main characters have realistic problems that many married couples face. As they struggle with what is the right thing to do in their lives, Robert and Tamara never forget their love for each other. Their prayers are poignant and revealing. I think Wiesner did an outstanding job of portraying a wonderful role model in Tamara as a strong woman wanting to please God and to keep her family intact. I highly recommend this inspirational romance. I look forward to reading more books by Karen Wiesner.” ~Author Diane Craver

    Book 2: Shadow Boxing

    Love Romances & More 2010 Golden Rose Awards 1st place Winner
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    4 1/2 star review from Love 2 Read Novels Blog
    The Romance Studio Sweetheart Award Nominee
    WDRF’s Top Read of Excellence

    5 Hearts! "Ms. Karen Wiesner has, once again, exceeded my expectations with her novel. This author had my attention from the first page and she never lost it. The series of poignant scenes and tumultuous soul searching was incredibly heart-wrenching. She wrote as if she knew the subject from first-hand knowledge. She wrote as if she had this extraordinary desire to see the couple find a happily-ever-after. To read this story was a highlight of my weekend and this is a book I will treasure. It will definitely go on my keeper shelf. Wiesner took these two main characters and expanded them so that it was impossible not to love them. This book was an uplifting story with several surprises. There were tears, laughter, and unique conversations. I highly recommend that you read this book. It’s appropriate for any reader who loves inspirational reading. Great job, Ms. Wiesner." ~The Romance Studio
    4.5 Stars! “Justine Samuels, a lawyer in a small town, has been married to Joshua for eighteen years. She has always wondered why he agreed to marry her; was it purely because she was pregnant and he felt it was his duty? She has never mustered the guts to ask him, fearing his answer. Joshua Samuels has wanted to express his feelings to Justine throughout their marriage, but had always felt there was a wall between them When their daughter prepares to leave for college, the tension between Justine and Joshua becomes more intense. Both are unable to read each other’s thoughts, but are to scared to reveal their true feelings. To complicate the already troubled marriage, Justine finds herself considering separating from her husband for his sake, thinking this is what he wants. Joshua finds himself in a difficult situation fending off unsolicited advances from another woman, add in a health issue for Justine and you have a marriage unraveling that you desperately want saved. What transpires is a delicate tale of raw emotions from a complicated marriage that is striving to succeed. Through the power of prayer and faith in one another, Justine and Joshua are able to find that love can conquer all. Karen Wiesner has written a riveting story about a married couple trying to find their way back into each other’s lives. I thought this was beautifully written with an inspirational message throughout. The struggles facing Justine and Joshua are extremely well written with extraordinary detail of their vulnerabilities. Highly recommended.” ~Single Titles
    4 1/2 Stars! “What an emotionally packed tale! I read this very quickly because I found myself so immersed in the lives of both Joshua and Justine. You can tell (feel actually) that they love each other very much but don't really know how to express it. Once again this author allows you see inside the heads of our lead couple so you know just what they're thinking, and I really do enjoy that. I loved Joshua. He was all the things a good hero should be—kind, gentle and protective, but he really had difficulty with expressing his feelings. I liked Justine. She was very capable and yet unsure. I enjoyed watching this couple strive to redefine and save their marriage, grow as individuals, and learn how to be with each other. I also loved their daughter Vashti. She was so bubbly and interested in helping her parents. There is a little twist near the end that was great. I must confess that the missions trip is my favorite part in this story. I can see myself going back and reading that again. Great dialogue. If you've ever had problems in your marriage, many aspects of this story will be relatable. It deals with sin, guilt, forgiveness and love.” ~Love 2 Read Novels Blog
    4 Stars! “This is an interesting story of a couple facing their upcoming empty nest as distant companions instead of supportive mates. After 18 years of marriage, Justine still believes that Joshua only accepted their marriage out of duty as he has never really expressed his love for her. She has allowed guilt for her youthful sin to smolder, diminishing her own self-worth. She feels she is a burden to Joshua. Joshua works with his hands building unique and beautiful furniture. He believes his smart and professional wife is self-sufficient and doesn’t need him. It seems they have nothing in common except their daughter, Vashti, whom they adore. Now that Vashti will be going away to college, there will be nothing to hold them together. Neither Justine nor Joshua have learned to communicate in their marriage. Joshua has always been quiet and cautious and reluctant to impose himself. Justine has always been a caregiver and has never learned to accept help much less express her own needs or desires. Also, Justine is too afraid of being hurt to risk opening up. The couple have allowed a wall of distance which is only breached during their passionate lovemaking. Even then, as soon as they finish they separate and the wall returns. As her best friend, Kimberly, tells her they have been “shadow boxing” with one another and never facing their issues head-on. Even their daughter recognizes that she has been the glue to hold them together. Fearing that they will separate when she goes to college, Vashti arranges for all three of them to go on a missions trip to Mexico. I like the trick that Vashti uses to get her parents to begin to open up to each other. Joshua clearly represents the man in the counseling session who says: “I told her I loved her when we married and I’ve never changed my mind.” Justine has never truly forgiven herself nor allowed herself to risk being fully loved. I loved the quotes about love at the beginning of each chapter and have to say that the book would be worth getting just for those. As a bonus, the book brings a well-developed story too. I enjoyed the details from the mission trip—the poverty and the struggles in the hot Mexico sun. I appreciate the author’s wonderful ability to create real characters. I enjoyed the depth of the characters and the presentation of the emotional issues. This story is good reading for those who enjoy real-to-life family issues.” ~Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf 4 Stars! "This second installment in Wiesner's Family Heirlooms Series is an affecting story that takes a realistic look at a troubled Christian marriage. The hero and heroine's determination to do the right thing, and the lack of communication between them, is believable, and the reason for their actions is understandable." ~RT Book Reviews
    4 Stars! “There is a definite Christian theme throughout this book. The characters are real. The situation is real. This is a great, realistic read.”
    4 Cups! "SHADOW BOXING is an incredible read. The emotions are wide-span throughout with in-depth characters that cling to the reader. This endearing, poignant story makes the heart leap with joy. Justine and Joshua, make it a realistic read as they try to work out their marriage. To me it was like perhaps their guilt eating away at them for their sin, and they were afraid to open up to each other. I know when I read a book by Karen Wiesner I will never be disappointed. She composes captivating stories that enthrall and leave a lasting impression that is hard to forget. This story pricks at the heart and gives one hope that no matter how hard some matters appear, there is a solution. This book is an extraordinary read and a gem to be treasured." ~Coffee Time Romance & More
    4 Stars! “This book can stand alone with re-appearing characters. SHADOW BOXING was a good Christian book. I liked all the characters. Most of them love God. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys inspirational romance and family heirlooms.” ~My Book Addiction Reviews
    “Do not attempt to read SHADOW BOXING without a box of tissue within reach. I cried and ached for both Justine and Joshua as I read. Karen Wisner is a master of manipulating your heart strings as you are drawn deeper and deeper into the sad love and marriage of Justine and Joshua Samuels. Eighteen years of loving and living with someone you are not confident loves you would be a miserable existence and that was just where Justine and Joshua are in their lives. The glue in their marriage was their only child, Vashti. The conflict in SHADOW BOXING is one I believe couples who get married because of an unexpected pregnancy face more often than we realize. Leave it to Karen Wiesner to take a sensitive subject and write a beautiful, romantic novel.” ~Writers Unlimited Reviewer
    4 Stars! “In this second story of the Family Heirlooms Series, we return to Peaceful, Wisconsin. As with most of today's families both the husband, Joshua, and the wife, Justine, each enjoy their own career. The main problem is that by marrying due to a sense of responsibility, instead of allowing their romance to take its natural course, their relationship became as if frozen in time. The author, Karen Wiesner, has done a wonderful job of showing how such a couple can have conflicting emotions and how vital open communications are. As for Vash, I hope to see more of this intelligent young lady in future books of the series; even if it is only as a counselor for other main-couple characters. Brava!” ~Huntress Reviews
    5 Stars! “This Family Heirlooms inspirational family drama is a wonderful character driven tale that provides a profound look at a troubled marriage. Readers will appreciate this deep look at marital relationships though the mindsets of the Samuels’ trio.” ~Merry Go Round Reviews
    5 Stars! “Karen Wiesner’s book, SHADOW BOXING, treats readers to a beautiful love story that speaks to the heart. From the first page I was captivated by the characters Justine and Joshua Samuels. I enjoyed reading this second book in the Family Heirlooms Series. I felt so invested in both characters, Justine and Joshua, that I wanted to reach out to them and offer them advice with their struggles in their marriage. Wiesner pulled me into the thoughts of her characters by giving more depth to their big worries and concerns about their married life together. Wiesner includes quotes about love at the beginning of each chapter which I also enjoyed. Vashti, the teenage daughter of Justine and Joshua, is an important part of the story because she forces her parents to deal with their problems by giving them a mission trip to Mexico for their anniversary gift. Vashti fears that her parents will divorce when she goes off to college and they become empty nesters. She keeps her parents focused by a unique approach while they are all three in Mexico. I highly recommend SHADOW BOXING by Karen Wiesner. It’s a relevant Christian book that makes an emotional impact about love that you won’t forget. If you haven’t read Book One in the series, that’s no problem because this can be read as a stand-alone.” ~author Diane Craver

    Book 3: Foolish Games

    From The Heart-RWA Chapter’s 2010 Lories Best Publishing Award
    2nd Place Winner
    2009 The Romance Studio CAPA Award Nominee
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    The Romance Studio Sweetheart Award Winner
    5 star review from MyBookAddictionReviews
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    4 1/2 star review from Long and Short Reviews
    4 1/2 star review for Single Titles

    5 Hearts! “Once again Karen Wiesner has written a book with a great plot. She has touched on subjects I have not found in most inspirational books. I am a fan of hers and appreciate the fact that she has chosen to address these things which we deal with in today’s world. There are spiritual truths mentioned, but the subject of sexual encounters and thoughts are also explored. These two main characters were supported by a myriad of others. The entire Samuels family was involved throughout the entire book. The strengths and weaknesses were emotionally charged and Wiesner handled the subjects flawlessly. I applaud her for her insight into today’s lifestyles. The uplifting story of God’s love is evident. It is not, however, done in a fanatical manner. This author definitely knows how to capture the readers and keep our interest. I highly recommend this book to everyone.” ~The Romance Studio
    4 1/2 Books! "Wiesner introduces FOOLISH GAMES through Peter’s certainly melancholy eyes. Still, the setting she creates of a picturesque Wisconsin winter is near-poetic. The scenery is a wonderfully evocative parallel to our main character’s emotions. His heart is largely dwelling in the past. Kimberly, his dear friend, is just that – a friend first and foremost. They do mean something special to one another, and in many ways, it is lovely that their relationship and future decisions, are based on their value of that friendship. Wiesner introduces both characters, and the challenges before them, in a clear and straightforward manner. Her refreshing approach carries throughout the work. There are no contrived intrigues or insinuated disloyal acts, no trumped up troubles. This tale is the story of two people who share already, a wonderful level of friendship and understanding. They have doubts to deal with, past hurts, and obvious other issues to cope with. Neither have spent their lives in a bubble-wrap: each have certain haunting issues to overcome, and more. Their faith and concepts of what is both right and good, for each of them, also present them with challenges throughout the work. Wiesner delicately explores some of the physical levels of emotion as well. The impact of a hug is never so well presented as here: “Embrace. Peter’s memory of holding Kimberly—wrapped in his suit jacket—on his parents’ porch collided with his dream, bringing him back to abrupt consciousness. Darkness, quiet…emptiness greeted him. He closed his eyes tight again, memories of the dream he’d been so recently immersed in…” We are made to feel the touch itself, as well as the tangle of emotion that accompanies it. This thorough exploration of the senses brings us closely into the work. The clarity of being able to see the concerns of each, directly, makes the work all that much more evocative. Multiple points of view here are never confusing. The writing style always is warm and clear. This book is both plausible and unpredictable, pleasant and affirming. Fans of the inspirational romance should put this on their must-read list." ~Long and Short Reviews
    Rating: You Need to Read! "The third book in this series brings the author's intent into focus. I understood the reluctance of Peter and Kimberly to surrender to the love they felt for one another because of his wife's death a year ago. The circumstances and different situations concocted by Ms. Wiesner were nothing short of brilliant. I particularly appreciated the alternate plot that was sprinkled throughout involving Peter's sister, Samantha. Her dilemma was handled with finesse and tact that is rare in any genre let alone inspirational romance. The reader will definitely be compelled to turn page after page to find out if the characters indeed turn their lives and loves over to one another and whether the minor characters in the book straighten out their lives as well. The third installment of the Family Heirloom Series was well worth reading." ~You Gotta Read Reviews
    5 Stars! “This book can be read as a stand-alone with re-appearing characters from the previous two books in the series. What a wonderful Christian Kimberly was. How she tried to keep everyone together and how God gave her such a good husband. It would be great if everyone could have as much of God in their lives as Kimberly. A great story!” ~My Book Addiction Reviews
    4.5 Stars! “Karen Wiesner has written another fantastic book in the Family Heirloom Series. Peter and Kimberly are a wonderful couple you will delight in reading about. Their struggles are realistic and heartwarming. I find when I am reading [Wiesner’s books], she writes with such care about the details and descriptions of feelings you feel as if you are welcomed into the family. Another excellent book from the author. Looking forward to the next in the series.” ~Single Titles
    4.25 Stars! “This is another beautiful, inspirational story from Karen Wiesner. Ms. Wiesner weaves some excellent Christian dilemmas and good responses and truths through the story-lines. The characters deal with issues including submission, forgiveness, the fine line of honoring parents and exercising personal discernment. As usual Karen Wiesner writes wonderfully real and warm characters with real life scenarios. I love how both characters trusted God and were willing to let Him lead to get things right. Kimberly’s fear was almost unreasonable but that is easy for me to say never having been in such an abusive situation. I found it difficult and sad that Kimberly had such trouble forgiving her father and that caused only more pain and bondage for her. I recommend this story for enjoyment and for sound biblical solutions in difficult life issues. I have enjoyed many stories now by Ms. Wiesner. If you enjoy christian romance I hope you will try her books.” ~Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf
    4 Stars! “I really enjoyed FOOLISH GAMES. You journey with Peter as he deals with trying to move on after the loss of his wife and also begins dealing with growing feelings toward Kimberly. As the reader, you truly feel his struggle. The honesty of Peter's thoughts touched my heart. He was a great hero. Kimberly is also trying to work through past issues concerning her father but finding it very hard. I know that in reality some do hold on to their anger even when they know it's wrong. We also find a secondary story going on with Peter's sister, Samantha. Her father is asking her to befriend Ryder Feldmann, a young man he's counseling and a man she's afraid to be around. What happens to them is the set up to the next book in the series.” ~Love 2 Read Novels Blog
    4 Red Roses! “This is a good book for those that enjoy inspirational stories. It pulls at the reader’s heartstrings as both Peter and Kimberly work through their problems and issues. It is a good addition in a series that is proving to be very interesting. The characters are realistic and relatable and bring the story to life. It will also have readers looking for the next book to see how things ultimately turn out for the different characters.” ~Red Roses for Authors
    4 Stars! “Lydia had been a huge part of Peter and Kimberly's lives before she died. The author has done a terrific job of explaining this, as well as why Peter and Kimberly worry about whether their growing love for each other is wrong. Kimberly's character is caring and forgiving, except where her father is concerned—for good reasons. The reader quickly understands that Kimberly really was happy for Peter and Lydia's marriage to be so wonderful. Kimberly was not then, nor is she now, the type who would consider trying to steal Peter from Lydia. Kimberly never comforted Peter in hope that he would turn into her embrace or something like a rebound. The author made Kimberly the exact opposite. The lady is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. (Kimberly is the type of person that I would love to be able to call my close friend.) Yes, there are people in today's world that are as caring and sincere as Kimberly's character is, but they are few and far between. In this story, Wiesner shows that each person needs to follow the path God leads them to, even if by doing so the person disappoints their family. That path is not always easy either. If there is one lesson that I have learned about the author, it is this: Stories by Karen Wiesner warm my heart like a cozy fire on a chilly night.” ~Huntress Reviews
    4 Stars! “This is a very deeply written story of how one person can take the Bible out of context and apply it to one’s family. Kimberly grew up thinking that God hated all women except for His chosen few. That a man was created to have dominion over the woman and should submit to the man. The doubt is always there in the back of her mind, wondering if she’s a good Christian because of her feelings toward her father. Will all men treat her as her father treated her mother? There’s a strong message in the storyline that shows just how one can, by taking verses out of context and without reading the verse before and after, can alter one’s life dramatically.” ~Book Reviews By Debra
    4 Stars! "This romance has a deeper Christian message. The plot is entertaining but not a fast read. The characters are delightful."
    5 Stars! “The latest Family Heirlooms Christian drama stars a terrific lead couple and a strong support cast. Kimberly and Peter have different issues to overcome before they can consider becoming a couple. Peter especially is a great protagonist as readers will empathize with him. Sub-genre readers will cherish this fine tale with an inspiring final coda from Kim, leaving no one’s eyes dry.” ~Merry Go Round Reviews
    “This is an emotional book just like the previous one in the series (SHADOW BOXING) where the protagonist remembers his past with the woman he loved, even if it was only a year ago. He can still feel the trauma of his wife's death, and the impact it had on his family. He isn't a man however; who feels he has shed enough tears over her, and wants to just carry on with his life. He isn't that selfish, and it shows in the novel. Karen Wiesner does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the mind of the man, Peter, who for so long has been alone and living in a void where his wife was so much a part of his life.” ~Love Romance Passion
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