Fran Jacobs lives in the UK and graduated from the University of Nottingham with a Masters degree in Ancient History in 2001. She now lives in Swansea where she runs an online gothic website, Megaera's Realm. Fran mostly writes fantasy, with a penchant for the darker side of it, and her stories have been published in a variety of magazines including Forgotten Worlds, Nanobison, Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, Neo-opsis, Alien Skin, Dred, Art and Prose and a Tangled Script of Intangible Soul Engravings. 

You can read more about her past achievements and future projects on her website: 

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10000000146 Ellenessia's Curse Book 1: The Shadow Seer
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10000000147 Ellenessia's Curse Book 2: The Seer's Tower
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