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Friendship Heirlooms Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1-4) by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Collection)

Friendship Heirlooms Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1-4) by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Collection)
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Return to the quaint little town of Peaceful, Wisconsin, from Karen Wiesner's award-winning Family Heirlooms Series, where you first met and fell in love with these colorful, lovable friends. Now you can read the stories of those secondary characters in an all-new spin-off series. Nuggets of faith can be passed down as heirlooms from friend to friend, heart to heart, soul-mate to soul-mate.

CLUMSY GIRL'S GUIDE TO FALLING IN LOVE, Book 1: They were two abnormal peas in an even stranger pod... Zoe Rossdale is the clumsy girl who always has her elbows, feet, eyes, and brass-red hair going in the wrong directions. After a lifetime of being evaluated critically--and found wanting--she's trying to change...until she literally runs into the only man she's ever gone loopy over. Curt Bertoletti vows that he won't stray again, but he can't help remembering how well they fit together. For better or worse, Zoe will always be Zoe--the clumsy girl with her dress tucked into her pantyhose, the girl whose idea of falling in love is to stand at the edge of the precipice, throw out her arms and confidently jump into a free-fall. Can they both live with that fact? Forever?

MICHAEL'S ANGEL, Book 2: Michael Fremont has had it drilled into him from birth that he's not worth saving. Then he met his angel, LeeAnn Wagner. Together, they escaped the horrors of their childhoods. Aware that his love and needs for her were becoming unbearable, he'd joined the military. LeeAnn had realized she needed to become the fearless, godly woman Michael needed; a healer and a friend. And, maybe now that she and Michael are whole, they can become lovers. But even as their most fervent dreams are coming true, the harbinger of her childhood waits, intent on taking away everything she's ever wanted.

FOREVER AND ALL THAT JAZZ, Book 3: Newlyweds Jasmine Pepowski and Wesley Horace find out that her sickly father can no longer live alone without assistance. Wes is barely coping with the extreme changes marriage has wrought as it is. Then her father discloses a shocking truth: Her mother walked away from her family to return to her career. Even as her father and Wesley advise her to leave the past in the past, Jazz has to know if her mother has regrets about her choices before she drops yet another life-changing anvil on her husband's already aching head.

FIRST COMES LOVE, Book 4: At the age of fifteen, Chad Feldmann and Winnie McBride made an impulsive choice that led to pregnancy. Now, years later, they have a precious little girl, they've both graduated high school, and they're married. But all is not well in paradise. They've done everything backwards--the baby carriage, then marriage--but, regardless of all the wrongs committed, first came love...

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Friendship Heirlooms Series Collection, Volume I (Books 1-4) by Karen Wiesner (Contemporary Romance Collection)
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Karen Wiesner
May 27, 2016

5 Stars! “CLUMSY GIRL’S GUIDE TO FALLING IN LOVE will have you laughing, crying and empathizing with Zoë throughout the entire story. I feel this book has been well-written. While reading it, I felt as if I were a part of the characters’ lives as Zoë is talking with the reader throughout the book, sharing her thoughts, feelings and experiences. Zoë is such a likable character and someone whom so many readers could relate to on many levels. Zoë and Curt have a past and, while it was a wonderful past together, so much time has passed and with the hurt feelings and misunderstandings, they must find where they are at now. Relationships are something that are wonderful but confusing and hard at the same time and readers relate to this and will be sucked right into the drama of the Curt and Zoë relationship in this book and will want to keep reading until the end!” ~Readers Favorite

5 Stars! “This was a really good and worthwhile book to read and you could relate to Zoe and Curt. The secondary characters that supported Zoe and Curt were terrific and you did dislike the nemesis who was the cause of Zoe’s and Curt’s breakup and she probably understood the message she received from Zoe a lot better than the message she received from Curt in the past. Fast, fun, and definitely an enjoyable read, highly recommended.” ~BTSemag

5 Stars! “The first Friendship Heirlooms inspirational romance is a strong spinoff of the Family Heirlooms Series. The protagonists are a super pairing of a second chance at love couple with him being sophisticated while she knows she is an embarrassment to herself, him and his family. Using hyperbole to embellish the engaging storyline, readers will relish Curt's redemption as Zoe puts him through an emotional gauntlet (which she is running through too) while both pray to God for guidance.” ~Midwest Book Reviews


5 Stars! “The second fantastic Friendship Heirlooms Series inspirational romance is a tense suspense starring two vulnerable, lost souls finding each other twice while also obtaining solace with the Lord. His angel and her hero come together in a strong tale as Karen Wiesner provides an entertaining second chance drama.” ~Harriet Klausner

4 1/2 Stars! “Karen Wiesner again has reached into the troubled lives of her characters and brought hope, love and God into their lives. A fantastic read. I anticipate reading more of this series in the very near future!” ~BTSemag

4 Stars! “One of the best things I like about Karen Wiesner’s stories is that she writes realistically. When two or more characters have different views of a situation, Wiesner states the view point of each person. By doing so, I, as the reader, can understand why each character reacts the way s/he does. I can empathize and with most, if not all, characters and (therefore) understand their dilemmas. Most every tale that I have read from Wiesner is written this way and it keeps drawing me back for more of her stories. I enjoyed every moment I spent reading this gem and plan to pick up another of Wiesner’s titles to read during my upcoming vacation. Wonderful, as usual.” ~Huntress Reviews


5 Stars! “The third fabulous Friendship Heirlooms inspirational family drama is a wonderful tale as several vulnerable people cope with major changes in their lives. Even though the fascinating storyline has more of a taste of Jasmine, the pastor's internal doubts make for an excellent read; as a man of God still is a man.” ~Harriet Klausner

4 Cups! "FOREVER AND ALL THAT JAZZ is a stirring story that will open up the heart and make the reader feel good inside. The read is indeed inspirational and touches upon things that really happen within a family. Ms. Wiesner creates a story many can relate to. She takes a devout preacher who wants to do everything to watch over the members in the church, while trying to adjust to married life and understand a woman's feelings. The characters are genuine and the writing beautiful." ~Coffee Time Romance & More

4 Stars! “Author Karen Wiesner has crafted an excellent Inspirational Romance that shows how one must lean on the Lord during times of strife and/or confusion. This story has no life-threatening danger or surprises; just a pure romance where the main characters must look within themselves for answers. So few stories are written this way any longer.” ~Huntress Reviews


5 Stars! “The fourth fabulous Friendship Heirlooms Series stars two wonderful protagonists as Chad and Winnie have love, a baby and marriage in that order, but apparently also a dying relationship. With a strong support cast (a trademark of Ms. Wiesner, as, for instance, this lead couple were also in the Family Heirlooms Series drama Glass Angels), fans will relish the return to Peaceful although for what appears to be the end of a marriage.
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