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Blood Bred Series Book 2: From the Heart
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Blood Bred Series Book 2: From the Heart

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Baris has everything: A wife he worships, a child he adores, a life of comfort and security. But his idyllic existence changes suddenly and dramatically, with no explanation. Anika, his wife, shuns him and orders him to leave her side. His child claims his mother is not really his mama. And Dierdre, a devastatingly beautiful young woman slides into Baris' life with seduction on her mind.

When Baris attempts to help his wife, she flees, leaving him alone with their son and Dierdre. To add to his agony, the child is bitten by a poisonous snake and Baris has no choice but to take him to the Lair to save his life. Once reunited with Dierdre, the pair set off in search of Anika. But, as the days turn to weeks with no sign of his wife, Baris must accept the possibility that she has no wish to be found.

As his life grows increasingly entangled with Dierdre's, he makes the mistake of feeding on a young man addicted to a powerful drug called Hack. Baris is soon addicted as well and must struggle to reclaim everything that he once held dear...or die.

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