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Breese, Gail C.

For probably forever, Gail has scribbled and daubed yet she never really knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Always top of the class for Art and English at school, her love of the written word kept her endlessly occupied. From silly poetry and holiday diaries, to long, long letters to friends. Once the words were flowing they soon turned into a flood. She never realised she could be a writer of children's stories until her own two children had left school, and once the notion occurred, she went back to school and qualified as a graphic designer and illustrator then graduated in professional children's writing.

Finally she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. Although she's still waiting to grow up, she decided to carry on anyway. Her inspiration comes from life's experiences such as travelling around the world; qualifying in and teaching horse riding and equine management; owning and running a sheep station in the outback of Western Australia; and growing and packing bananas. (Fortunately she wasn't too scared of the snakes, rats and spiders that lurked in the spooky, dark depths of the banana plants!)

Gail, with her husband, Dave, and pet dog, Pascall, lives in a small country town in Western Australia. Here in her very own studio she spends as much time as she can doing her favourite things: writing stories, illustrating, and creating websites. She also collects lion and frog ornaments and toys. Why? She's still thinking about that!


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