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The Stregoni Sequence Book 1: Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress
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The Stregoni Sequence Book 1: Golden Healer, Dark Enchantress

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Stregoni Benefici are good vampires and, in a hidden world filled with magic and mystery, they're joined by genies, fairies, elementals, and other fantastical creatures--many of whom are trapped within dangerous spells that must be broken.

"Are you afraid?" 

Emma has more reason for fear than at any other time in her life, even while she'd faced her father’s drunken rampages. Yet she isn't afraid. Her best friend Aaryn is a vampire and she's surrounded by hundreds of vampires--but not typical ones. Aaryn's clan are Stregoni Benefici, vampires committed to doing no harm.

Emma herself isn't an ordinary Forest-footer Elf. She's the Golden Healer, and she alone can save the Stregoni Benefici from the Dark Enchantress threatening them. Emma must learn their enemy's secret and defeat the harmful vampires without destroying the good ones in the process. But can she unravel the dark secret Aaryn keeps so carefully guarded and show him he's capable of being loved and forgiven?

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