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Michel Greg and Gasta, Denise

The creative team of Gregory Michel & Denise Gasta Michel live and work in Texas.

They share their home (and trackball) with Sophie, a delightfully eccentric grey cat. Their works include, "Monarch Kingdom: Life of a Butterfly," (poetry) - A Frankfurt Nominee (2000); and "Danny" (children). Both books have received four-star reviews and critical praise.

They write, draw, paint, and develop web sites. The anthologies "Between Darkness & Light" and "Poetry Elite: The Best Poets of 2000" (both by International Society of Poets), feature dramatic poetry by both Greg ("Aurora Borealis") and Denise ("Radio Static"). Greg's work has been featured in Dream International Quarterly. He has had two one-man shows featuring his oil paintings.

They are both working on the next volume of poetry, "Diverging Views" (individual and co-written poems), and on several children's books, including "There's a Dinosaur on the Plane" and their newest endeavor, "There's a Dinosaur on My Skateboard!" Greg and Denise also have several other books in progress, including a cookbook and a mystery series.


There's A Dinosaur In My Closet by Denise and Greg Michel (Children's Picture Book)
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It's "Barney Meets Sesame Street" in the new series, "There's a Dinosaur..." Artie the Apatosaurus and Dave meet in the unlikeliest of places... Dave's closet. From there, Dave and Artie learn about each other and how to deal with childhood fears. Each book celebrates overcoming a particular fear in an unobtrusive way.

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