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Friesen, Helen Lepp

Helen Lepp Friesen was born in Rivers, Manitoba where she spent the early years of her life. As a teenager her life changed radically by the fulfillment of her parent's lifelong dream, a move to the Mennonite community of Fernheim in the Chaco of Paraguay.

She graduated from a bilingual (German and Spanish) private high school in Filadelfia, Paraguay and continued her education at a local teachers college. With her two-year teaching degree, she taught in Tres Palmas, Southeast Paraguay for a few years and later worked in an adult literacy program with Native women in the Chaco.

She is a graduate of Bethel College in Kansas (BA and BS degrees), also of Western Michigan University (MA in English). She has taught writing classes at Grand Valley State University and the University of New Mexico. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband and four children where she does freelance writing. Her first book, God's Orchard (Kindred Publications 2001) is a collection of inspirational true to life short stories which illustrate the fruits of the Spirit.


Who Owns the River? by Helen Lepp Friesen (Children's Picture Book)
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"WHO OWNS THE RIVER?" tells the story of a fisherman arguing with a fish about who owns the river, a farmer arguing with a wheat stalk about who owns the land, and a hunter arguing with a bird about who owns the sky. They are all so caught up in quarrelling and trying to prove themselves right that they don't hear the river, the land, and the sky's quiet voices answering the question of ownership.

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