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Can You Smell Burning? (ebook and print) by Karen Fainges (Humour)
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Ever had one of those days when your car is nearly totalled by a flying cow and the only clothing you can find during a house fire is an old robe that doesn't close in front? Well misery loves company, so join Karen Fainges as she journeys through some of the moments in her life that didn't seem as funny at the time. Here is a family that live in "interesting times".

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Laugh Out Louds For Moms by Robin Helene Vogel (Illustrated Humorous Poetry Anthology: Parenting)
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Filled with whimsical illustrations by Caroline Christian, LAUGH-OUT-LOUDS FOR MOMS will lead mothers, new or old, on a familiar journey that will stir up memories ad laughter for many years to come.

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My Mommy Is Insane by Koni Helton Coward (Children's Picture Book)
(5 reviews)  
"My Mommy Is Insane" is an adorable Children's Picture book, written originally by Koni Coward as a poem. This humorous look at Mommy's frazzled nerves is illustrated by gorgeous artwork by Mary Lacro-Mauritz.

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Tarmac Tales by Wendy and Dave Laing (Humour)
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Wendy & Dave Laing have a total of 52 years' experience with Airlines, in Passenger, Cargo, and dealing with Cargo Agents, Passenger Agents, Crew, Catering, and all the less obvious elements that make up the Airline Industry. They have changed names of the characters involved to keep their anonymity.

All the tales are based on fact. People who know them personally will know the names of the airlines for which they worked. This is a collection of experiences, both funny, sad and entertaining, giving you an enlightening behind the scenes peep of this amazing industry!

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