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Morrans, Ian

Ian began his career in metalworking in a small blacksmithing shop on the west coast of Scotland.

He spent five years in the Royal Air Force, where he wrote and passed the tests to qualify as a trainee aircraft engine mechanic. After trade training, he earned the priviledge of working on such elite engines as the Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 (Spitfire) piston engines.

On returning to civilian life, he worked as a machinist/machine fitter, building various types of machinery--from printing presses to gold refining machines.

His career has spanned all aspects of industrial engineering, from lay-out to heavy machining, and to such fine work as making intricate equipment for laboratories out of gold and platinum.


Metal Machining Made Easy by Ian Morrans (Self-Help/How-To)
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This is the "Must Have" book for anyone wishing to learn the basics of metal machining right up to precision machining, or for everyone with an interest in any type of metalworking.
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