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Rakov, JP

JP Rakov lives in Texas. He is an avid outdoorsman and a Boy Scout leader. Mr. Rakov was inspired to write Easter Fires based on his own daughter's experience with a rattlesnake bite.


Easter Fires (ebook and print) by J.P. Rakov (Christian: Young Adult)
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Kat Dueschner never admires her heavenly-minded mother and wants to grow up just the opposite; an adventurer rather than a nurturing mom. She frequently gets into mischief. While with her companion, Juan, on a nighttime adventure to build an "Easter fire" in the hills, Kat is bit by a rattlesnake. Although her mother is leery of the forest, she becomes Kat's rescuer, but then befalls her own tragedy. Consequently, Kat and Juan's perspectives and ambitions change, almost in opposite directions.

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