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Adler, Jack

Jack Adler has over 25 years experience as a travel writer. He is the author of seven travel-related books, four in print and three ebooks.

The four print books are Consumer's Guide To Travel, Exploring Historic California, Companion Guide To Southern India, and Travel Safety (co-authored). The latter book was selected by the Library of Congress for translation into Braille. The ebooks are: How To Break In As A Travel Writer, There's A Bullet Hole In Your Window (non-fiction), and Troubleshooter's Dowry, a novel with a travel aspect. He has also been, on a freelance basis, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times' travel section and Westways Magazine. On the electronic front, he is the leader/chief content provider for Prodigy's travel bulletin board and a columnist for Travel World International, an electronic magazine. He teaches a course in Travel Writing for UCLA Extension and Feature Writing for Writers Digest Books.


Blind Gods by Jack Adler (Historical)
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"Blind Gods" is a novel about Agis, a king of Sparta who tries to reform the city-state as it sinks into decline during the period when the Macedonians held sway in ancient Greece and while Rome was on the ascendancy. Three love stories are interwoven as Agis seeks support for his reforms among the oligarchy running Sparta while the helots, the people whom the Spartans conquered and then kept in servitude, threaten to rebel.

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