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Nusz, Janean

Ms. Nusz is the author of more than seven books, most of them in the genre of children's fiction. Myths and legends have always held a certain fascination for her, which is why creatures such as gryphons, goblins, and gargoyles often appear in her stories.

Ms. Nusz is the busy mother of two, and attributes her love of writing to the hours she spent reading when she was a child. In addition to writing, Ms. Nusz also teaches computer related tutorials and classes on creative writing.


The Ogre's Curse by Janean Nusz (Mid-Grade Reader: Fantasy)
(2 reviews)  
Soon after she discovers a small nugget of gold high in the mountains near the legendary Ogre's Cave, the people of Kaitlin's village mysteriously begin to disappear. Not a trace of their passing is left, and no clue can be found to indicate their fate...

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