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L'voe, Janeau

Janeau L'voe writes speculative fiction, romance, sci-fi and fantasy, and takes great delight in combining the genres to produce fantastical romances.

Ms. Nusz attributes her love of writing to the hours she spent reading as a child. Myths and legends have always held a certain fascination for her, which is why you'll find her stories populated by gryphons and gargoyles, vampires and werewolves, and the occaisional troll.

When she's not writing fiction, Ms. L'voe dabbles in graphic art, photography, and yoga. She also teaches adult education classes on the subjects of computers and digital technology, reviews piles of books, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Janeau L'voe is the pen name for children's author Janean Nusz.


Destiny's Promise by Janeau L'voe (Science Fiction/Fantasy Anthology)
(1 reviews)  
An anthology containing:
The Imminent Future: Meet Sylver Dreeming, the foremost geo-thermal expert for CosmoTeck. Follow her efforts to find a solution to the problem of Earth's overpopulation in the year 2193.

Daughter's Destiny: Is a daughter's healing strength enough to save her mother from the evil that has stalked her across an entire mountain? Can love change the nature of the beast that only wishes to do harm?

Maxwell's Promise: Los Lunas, New Mexico - City of the Moon. Is the curse of the werewolf greater than the power of love?

Midnight Mist: Every night at midnight, a magical mist creeps into the corner of Selene's parlor: but this time it has brought with it a man, an immortal creature who rides the mists of time as easily as a hawk rides the wind.

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