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Brazel, Janette

Janette Brazel lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and an assortment of children and animals. She grew up in Canberra, but moved to Sydney when she realised she didn't want to be a politician.

Janette has had many interesting jobs, including working in all major fast food outlets and looking down people's ears. Janette now spends her time between her four passions: writing, hockey, audiology and motherhood, all of which give her inspiration for her stories. She hopes one day to be organised, but strange stories keep popping into her head so organisation will have to wait.

Janette writes mainly for children and has completed three children's mystery novels. 'A Slimy Secret' and 'Pea Brain', were released in 2002. 'Dead Giveaway' is due for release in 2004. She has written numerous non-fiction articles for children's magazines and the odd short story for women's magazines.

The Elephant Waits is her first Picture Book.


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