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Dunningham, Jo

Although new to writing and illustrating books for children, Jo Dunningham has been telling stories and drawing pictures to amuse her children for about 20 years. Having taken several unexpected twists and turns along life's path, Jo has over the last few years changed her career and lifestyle completely.

Jo lives in Wiltshire, England with her husband, three of their five children and their youngest granddaughter. With a fresh approach to life, Jo now finds time for the things she enjoys most, i.e. her family and her writing resulting in the release of "Being Kind to George" and many more self-illustrated picture books.


Being Kind to George by Jo Dunningham (Children's Picture Book)
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'Being Kind to George' is based on a true story and real life characters. Set in a beautiful Country Park nestling in the heart of Wiltshire, England, it tells the tale of how man can affect the wildlife around him.

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