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Glad, Judith B.

Someone once said that Judith B. Glad had a butterfly mind, flitting from interest to interest and never settling anywhere. That's probably true, because she has tried a variety of careers and still hasn't figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. From each one she has learned a whole new assortment of odd facts, many of which have shown up in her books. From accounting to bird-watching, she has drawn on her experiences at work and play, and hopes to continue to do so for a long time.

Judith and her husband live in Portland Oregon, where she divides her time among her children and grandchildren, her writing, and the weeds that won't stay out of her garden. Her webpage (www.judithbglad.com) introduces you to her books and her family, as well as to some of her varied interests.


A Safe and Welcome Nest (ebook and print) by Judith B. Glad (Contemporary Romance)
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Sometimes there's a reason why a guy acts like a jerk, but that doesn't mean a determined woman can't teach him better manners...

It's not just because Delilah's lonely that she puts up with Jake's crustiness. His son brings laughter and love to her empty nest. But her love for a little boy isn't enough to build the rest of her life on. Even if Jake were interested.

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