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Katrina Ogden Mysteries, Book 1: KO'd In Honolulu by Victoria Heckman (Murder Mystery Series)

Katrina Ogden Mysteries, Book 1: KO'd In Honolulu by Victoria Heckman (Murder Mystery Series)
(11 reviews)  

Heroes, Homicide, and Honolulu

Brassy Honolulu police officer, Katrina (K.O.) Ogden, runs a tight ship, calling things as she sees them while serving and protecting the people of Hawaii. But when K.O. becomes connected to a series of recent homicides, the whole department could be in danger.

Leaving her gifts and clues, Katrina realizes the killer is closer than she realized. With a murderer who knows too much about her and can access their new state-of-the-art computer system with ease, it's time for K.O. to do what she does best: "knock out" the criminal before he strikes again.

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Katrina Ogden Mysteries, Book 1: KO'd In Honolulu by Victoria Heckman (Murder Mystery Series)
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Connie Long for Sime~Gen's Case Solvers Mystery web site (http://www.simegen.com/reviews/mystery/)
Rating: 4 stars

Katrina Ogden, known as K.O. to her fellow officers has had it with her present position with the Honolulu Police Department. As head of the Records Division Office, she has had to deal with cranky civilians one too many times. On top of all this she is expected to keep her computers working while in the midst of a move to a new station. She has to install the equipment at the new station and personally supervise the destruction of material from the old office. How is a girl supposed to keep track of all this plus a transfer request, an overeager male co-worker and a batch of new kittens? A night out with friends dancing is just the thing except it leads to a complication - murder.

Victoria Hickman has written a story that is as comfortable as it is interesting. We like K.O. We like her friends. We care that she is having a bad day and then when she is drawn in to a multiple murder investigation we get concerned for her. That is Ms. Hickman's strength in this story. She has created a character that can only grow. K.O. is a work in progress as all of us are and the readers will enjoy following her along. Here's to hoping that we get more stories of the intrepid K.O. and friends.
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Gary Phillips, author
"K.O.'d in Honolulu" is a taut, fast tale of revenge and obsession that introduces Hawaiian cop Katrina Ogden. She's a smart brassy chick with a lot of heart and an edge like flint, who must uncover a slippery killer before the final bell rings -- and KO finds herself beneath the orchids in paradise."
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Margaret Searles, Fiction Editor, FUTURES Magazine/Author of the Mrs. Millet and Mrs. Hark series
Victoria Heckman's extensive theatre experience shows in "K.O.'d in Honolulu." In vibrant scenes, plotted against the lush scents and colors of the Islands, the book shines hot footlights on K.O., a female Honolulu cop whose life is in desperate peril. A fascinating read!
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Mark Troy (http://www.tamu.edu/marshome/staff_pages/murder.html), Author
Another new release with a Hawaiian setting is "KO'd in Honolulu" by Victoria Heckman. published by Writer's Exchange. Katrina Ogden (KO of the title) is a Honolulu Police Officer in charge of the records division. She gets caught up in a tale of murder and suspense when murdered women bearing an eerie resemblance to her begin turning up in the Aloha state.

There is a lot of gripping suspense and local color. Katrina is an intelligent, engaging protagonist, the best Honolulu cop since McGarrett.
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Jeremiah Healy, author of SPIRAL and THE ONLY GOOD LAWYER
For all of you who suspected 'Hawaii Five-Oh" might NOT have been on target, I have good news. Victoria Heckman's 'K.O.'D IN HONOLULU' is a terrifically realistic window into the investigation of a series of homicides taking place in the 50th's state's largest city. Katrina Ogden, or 'K.O.' for short, is desperate for a transfer from the mind-numbing job she has in the police Records Division, and a serial killer apparently targeting prostitutes with a consistent physical description affords her the chance. But the question becomes: Is the reward worth the risk? Enjoy this book on your own safe beach, with a cold drink in easy reach and the reassuring thought that what you're reading 'COULDN'T happen here.'"
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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Aole ona hemahema e pono ai
ke hoike aku kekahi ia ia i ko ke
kanaka: no ka mea, ua ike no ia
i ko loko o kanaka. IOANE II Mokuna 25

And need not that any should
testify of man; for he knew what
was in man. JOHN II Verse 25

The sand still held some of the day's heat as the young couple lay under the giant hau tree. The moon was almost full and lit the beach and crests of the lapping waves. Around the curve of the shore, the hotels of Waikiki could be seen glittering like towers of Christmas tree lights above the busy strip of clubs and restaurants. Although close by, very little sound from the traffic and nightspots could be heard on this side of Queen's Beach. No one observed the lovers as they kissed on the blanket.

"Are you cold?" she asked him.

"No, are you?"

"No. Want to go swimming, then?"

"Are you nuts? Things come out at night to feed around here." He pretended to shiver and clasped her close again.

"I know just the place where there's nothing to eat you." She giggled, pulled him off the blanket and ran laughing toward a stuccoed structure with large, arched openings.

"Wow, it's huge! Like an Olympic-sized pool! What is this?" he asked.

"It's the Natatorium. It's a memorial they built after World War I. It's the largest salt-water swimming pool in the world or something. They used to have swimming meets and stuff here, way back then. It was open to the public, too. It hasn't been used for years, though. They can't decide if they should tear it down or build it back up. Help me up," she commanded.

He boosted her onto the four-foot wall surrounding the cement deck. On the parking lot side, concrete bleachers blocked out the stars. The other three sides were open to the night.

"If it hasn't been used in years, why is there water in it?" he asked, jumping down to the deck.

"It's open to the ocean somehow, and water comes and goes with the tide. Only it must be blocked--it smells pretty gross."

"It doesn't look too healthy in there, either. Let's not swim. Let's go back to the hau tree." He smiled and reached for her hand, but she pointed to the middle of the pool.

"What's that?"


"It looks like a dead fish or something." A shiny white object floated a third of the way down the pool. Suddenly it shifted, and an entire human arm became visible in the bright moonlight.

"Oh my god!" the girl shrieked and ran to the wall, leaping the barrier that had required a boost from her muscular young man only moments before. He followed, clearing the wall by a foot. They ran to the Hau Tree Lanai restaurant and sailed over that seawall, too. The restaurant was closed, but the adjacent hotel wasn't. They bounded up the steps, startled a small group of Japanese tourists, and reached the front desk.

Gasping and crying, the girl said, "Oh my god!" and draped herself over the registration book.

The alarmed desk clerk turned his attention to the boy who said, "There's a body! A dead body! An arm of a body!... in the pool!" between huge, gasping breaths.

The clerk dialed housekeeping while asking, "What, our pool? Is it a guest?"

"No. Not hotel pool. Ocean pool. Nata... Nata..." he panted.

"Natatorium!" the girl finished. The clerk hung up on housekeeping and dialed 911.

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