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Kaleidoscope Series, Books 1-7
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Kaleidoscope Series, Books 1-7

Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)

Kaleidoscope Office Building provides employment to nine hot, young singles-all about to make a love connection. Working 9 to 5 has never been so complicated... or so much fun!

KALEIDOSCOPE SERIES is a collection of all seven of the novellas in the series. 

Novella 1: Perfect Cadence

Thirty-year-old Keri Woods has had it with her no-commitment, no-way boyfriend Rob. Planning to get her head on straight, she accepts her boss Angela's offer to use the Lewis family's cabin for a two-week skiing vacation over the Christmas holiday. Little does Keri realize that her boss's cousin, Joshua Lewis, is already occupying the very same cabin at the very same time. 

Ten years earlier, Keri and Joshua had shared a single, unforgettable day and night together that ended with a kiss that left them both desperately smitten. Yet Joshua's life had been too complicated. At only twenty-six, he'd realized that there could be no long-distance, long-term relationship between them. He hadn't been ready to have his whole life happen to him at once. His decision to leave and never see her again had come back to bite him in the butt. For years after confiding to his closest friend Dandy--the foreman on his father's cattle ranch in Fever, Texas and the true father figure in his life--Joshua had had to listen to the old man encourage and berate him for not following his heart with Keri Woods.

Joshua has come to the family cabin after the recent death of Dandy, who'd made him promise to return to the cabin to "mend old regrets". The last thing Joshua expects to find is the drop-dead beautiful woman he'd regretted abandoning a decade earlier naked in his bed. 

Novella 2: In Cahoots with Cupid

Angela Lewis, owner of Kaleidoscope Office Services and its companion business Lewis Graphics by Design, has devoted her life to seeing that everyone she cares for is happy. But when she returns home to Fever, Texas for a wedding, she remembers the one instance where she'd turned her back on something she wanted for herself. Kiowa Mackenzie is five years younger than she is and had pursued Angela with the energy of a stallion when they were younger. Even now, he seems to have no inclination to stop, though she insists she's too old for him and she's not interested in falling in love again. Best man Ki has every intention of tackling the bridesmaids to make sure maid of honor Angela catches the bride's bouquet!

Novella 3: Behind Amethyst Eyes

Amethyst-eyed, bespectacled Aimee Cooper has had a secret crush on muscle-bound accountant Rob Channing for years--even while one of her best friends dated him. When Aimee's father dies after years with Alzheimer's, she's left to mourn and sort out the complicated mess his estate has fallen into. In life's strange serendipity, this tragedy gives her an "in" to get close to the man of her dreams. But what does a life-long, freckle-faced wallflower know about capturing the interest of a bean-counting playboy?

Novella 4: Jordana's Chair

Soulful-eyed heartbreaker Dex Everett has been intrigued by his neighbor since she moved into his building a year ago--though, or perhaps because--she's nothing like the made-up glamour girls he's used to dating. Jordana DeSoto barely speaks English, has worn the same two handmade outfits in all the time he's known her, and has never bothered with, nor needed, make-up. The few times he's helped her carry furniture up to her apartment, he's noticed that her living space is basically empty. No one he's ever known could be content with so little simply because she earned it on her own or display such joy over a new chair. Jordana captures Dex the way no other woman ever has. Is this ladies' man officially off the market?

Novella 5: Paper Tiger

Billy LaPointe's wife died only a couple years after they married, leaving him with a son to raise on his own. Nine years later, he's found love again with Veronica Spencer and his teenage son Damian is just as smitten with her. But after years of hearing Roni hedge on his marriage proposals, Billy is desperate. Determined to make her his forever, he offers her an ultimatum that he soon regrets. What he doesn't know is that Roni has a secret past she doesn't want to look back and confront--a past that may have come back to haunt her. Can she risk losing Billy and Damian because of what could be a true threat... or merely a paper tiger?

Novella 6: Cabin Fever

Shayna Cavanay divorced her lying, cheating, deadbeat husband three years ago and she's only sure of one thing: The only good thing he ever did for her was give her their seven-year-old son Ty. As a single mother, Shayna divides her time between working enough to provide for her and her son and making up for the vast multitude of deficiencies of Ty's poor excuse for a father. When Ty begins to exhibit an inability to cope with the lack of a father-figure in his life, his elementary school teacher reaches out to Shayna. But Shayna has been burned by do-gooders before. It's up to hunky Dakota Loring--and Ty--to prove he's the real deal.

Novella 7: The Longest Night

When Jolie Everett married Jag Myrick, she was a reluctant model eager to settle down and have a family while he was a restless photographer eager for his big break. They both got what they wanted--separately. After three short years of a marriage spent mostly apart, Jolie has decided to get the child she wants and forget the naïve illusion of marital bliss. But Jag is nowhere near ready to let his beloved bride go. During one endless night, he tries to convince her he's in their relationship for the long haul while she tries to distract him with every sweet seduction in the book. Unfortunately, their first night back together in almost two years starts out badly... and only seems to be getting worse.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 8, 2018, 18:37
    2010 The Romance Studio CAPA Award Nominee
    5 star review from The Romance Studio
    Sweetheart Award Nominee from The Romance Studio
    4 1/2 star review from Huntress Reviews

    5 Hearts! “This anthology was about a group of people who worked at Kaleidoscope Office Services and Lewis Graphics by Design. There was also an accounting business in the last space of the building, Two Brothers Accounting. This business venture, owned by Angela Lewis, was more like a family. The seven novellas telling the stories of the fourteen people involved were all written by Ms. Karen Wiesner. The actual flow of these books was phenomenal. The first five stories were previously published but I hadn’t read them. The last two are new stories, before unseen by readers. There is no way I can write about each book. However, the more I read, the more I wanted to read. Ms. Wiesner has become a favorite to me and this book just made me more certain than ever that she’s permanently on my must read list. The characters in each book had such camaraderie it was enviable. They were close and never allowed each other to suffer alone. The stories were varied and even included one which is not my favorite genre. It was still spellbinding. Each storyline included primarily one couple supported by the others. Each book, of course, that changed. There was sensuality and intense love shown. The characters, their situations and their conflicts were so down-to-earth that I felt as if I was part of the action. When the book ended, the lives of the main characters had evolved so much more than I could have expected. Their lives changed, and we were kept in touch throughout. The lives of Angela and Kiowa, Keri and Joshua, Aimee and Rob, Roni and Billy, Jolie and Jaguar, Dex and Jordana, and Shayna and Dakota were transformed through the pen of Ms. Wiesner. I highly recommend this to anyone.” ~The Romance Studio
    4 1/2 Stars Overall! “5 Stars! Perfect Cadence: A beautiful second chance at love for two deserving people. Very well done. 4 Stars! In Cahoots With Cupid: I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. 5 Stars! Behind Amethyst Eyes: This tale has the delicious flavor of the early Jayne Ann Krentz novels. (Innocent hard working girl, who is also a brave underdog, meets hardheaded man who cannot resist her, though he wants to, and she has loyal friends to stand by her side when things get tough. [That example describes this story and Krentz's novel FAMILY MAN]) This is an outstanding novella tale that I sorely wish was a full-length story. 4 Stars! Jordana's Chair: This author is a whiz at playing matchmaker with characters that seem to be polar opposites of each other. Dex grew up in comfort and Jordana's life was full of hardships. Karen Wiesner shows that love can bring together people from anywhere. On a side note, how can I resist reading an author who uses weird words, such as "ipecac", in her stories? Romantic and inspiring. 5 Stars! Paper Tiger: This one had shivers running up and down my spine. I could not seem to read fast enough. I simply HAD to know what was going to happen next. As with the other stories within the Kaleidoscope Series, I found this one to be well written, with engaging characters, and thoroughly enjoyable. 5 Stars! Cabin Fever: Throughout this series, Shayna has always been willing to lend a helpful hand or shoulder to her friends. Now her story is finally revealed and it is as heart-warming as I had hoped it would be. Extremely well done. 4 Stars! The Longest Night: There is more to this story than I tell in the synopsis. The entire tale takes place in a six-hour span, on a New Year's Eve. I found the story to be a wonderful way to conclude this special novella series collection.” ~Huntress Reviews
    4 Stars! “An absorbing collection of consecutive stories featuring the lives and loves of the employees and friends of businesses in the Kaleidoscope office building.” ~Susan Mobley for RT Book Reviews
    4 Tea Cups! “Karen brought seven stories of family and friendships into one collective book, and the short stories were wonderfully written. She brought back what true friendships, love and commitments are all about where people care for each other and where you help family and friends when they have a need.” ~Happily Ever After Reviews
    5 Stars! “Perfect Cadence: Poignant. In Cahoots With Cupid: A winning tale. Behind Amethyst Eyes: Sweet. Jordana's Chair: Realistic. Paper Tiger: Entertaining. Cabin Fever: Heartwarming. The Longest Night: Enthralling. Each of these contemporary romance stories contains fully developed lead couples as Karen Wiesner displays her talent with this strong, first-time-together collection of the Kaleidoscope tales.” ~Genre Go Round
    “This contemporary romance collection contains the first seven books in the Kaleidoscope Series which features the business that is run and operated by Angela Lewis. All the stories deal with women's issues that range from lovers with commitment issues, domestic violence, absentee fathers, self-image and so on. Each novella focuses on a different character in different circumstances. The stories have very well-developed characters and the issues depth while some have a lighter tone. This is a box set that would appeal to chick-lit and contemporary romance readers as a whole. There are some romantic suspense elements as well.” ~BTSemag

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