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Beck, Karen

Born to religious parents, John and Lillie Mae Beck, Karen was raised in a small Midwestern town, where doors were seldom locked even at night. Streets were safe to walk along, and children played safely in parks. Karen and her brother Kevin never worried about meeting strangers.

In Junior High School, Karen's writing talents were discovered by her seventh grade English teacher. She urged Karen to write continuously, until her short stories were polished and then submitted to The Independent News for publishing. It was at this newspaper that Karen held the title of Editor twenty-nine years later.

Poetry came easily to her, but after the loss of two babies, (Andrew Jacob and Kimberly Ann) prematurely, she became published with a poem dedicated to them. In 1998, her poem "Good Old School Days" was written exclusively for her 25th class reunion and printed in the Class of '73 handbook. At this reunion, she delivered a heart-felt dedication to her seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Mary Miller.

Nurturing a handicapped son, Matthew Allen for fifteen years, Karen was then blessed with a daughter, Jessie May.


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