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Killer in Pair-A-Dice by Dennis Griffin (Mystery: Murder)

Killer in Pair-A-Dice by Dennis Griffin (Mystery: Murder)
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Killer In Pair-A-Dice is the story of a serial rapist and murderer operating in the Las Vegas Valley. Not far from the glitter of this world famous adult playground, the killer claims his victims. Driven by a deep hatred for women, he begins his reign of terror by seeking out those who remind him of someone from his past. Someone who caused him great pain.

As the body count rises, the national news media pick up on the story. Pressure for a speedy apprehension is brought to bear by feminist groups and politicians. But the killer is both daring and intelligent. He leaves little in the way of clues or evidence that will lead to his being identified. His ability to attack in areas teeming with people without being seen, leads the press to dub him the Phantom.

Detective Steve Garneau, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, is assigned as the lead investigator on the case. Working under a microscope, he pursues his elusive quarry. Then something happens that changes the course of the investigation. Unknown to the detective, an unscrupulous reporter is nearby when he vows not to rest until the killer is on a gurney with a needle in his arm, receiving a lethal injection. When that story is printed, the investigation quickly becomes a personal matter between the hunter and the hunted.

Garneau races the clock to find the murderer before he can strike again, with the real possibility that the next victim could be his own wife or daughter.

"In my opinion, Dennis Griffin is one of the very best mystery writers of our time. For anyone who enjoys this genre, his books are an absolute must!" -- Brian Boren (satisfied reader)

ISBN/EAN13: 1920741577 / 9781920741570
Page Count: 300
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Killer in Pair-A-Dice by Dennis Griffin (Mystery: Murder)
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A Customer
Dennis Griffin does it again by offering a believable story of a Rapist/Murderer. Griffin keeps you on the edge of your chair as you observe the dynamics of a suspenseful crime spree by a serial killer who strikes under the nose of the police. The author, a former investigator himself, through lead Detective Steve Garneau, A street wise cop,relentlessly pursues the Phantom. The pressure on Garneau and his partner for a quick apprehension builds to a boiling point, by a frightened citizenry and politicians who fear that tourism is threatened. Killer-In-Pair-A-Dice is a master piece and as you turn the first page, make certain your door is locked. This story will make you all more alert to the devious minds that haunt our populace.
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A Customer
Author Dennis N. Griffin's new offering of Killer-In-Pair-A-Dice takes you into the world of a Serial Rapist/Murderer. The killer leaves few clues and the lead Detective Steve Garneau and his partner are under extreme pressure to bring the case to closure with the arrest of the perpetrator. The crimes are committed in some instances under the nose of the police and at times the hunted becomes the hunter. The politicians and the citizenry along with the media keep the pressure up in fear that the tourism industry maybe threatened. Griffin a former Investigator brings the dynamics of this intense case to the reader in his masterful style. Detective Garneau,a street wise,dedicated,investigator and his partner keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a gripping believable story that you can't put down. I would suggest, however, before you begin the read, lock all your doors. This story should alert all of us to the fact that we, too, could become a victim. Author Griffin, you've did it again. A Sensational Story.
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I love discovering new authors - particularly good ones. Dennis Griffin is one of the good ones.

Griffin's third novel, Killer in Pair-a-Dice is the first I've read of his. You can be sure I'm going to go back and read The Morgue (1999) and Red Gold (2000) soon.

The setting is modern-day Las Vegas. The reader is dropped into the action immediately, as a rapist/serial killer takes a victim. Griffin's characters are good - very good. The killer is cool, efficient, and detached; the victim is terrified, angry, defiant... and then dead. Enter Las Vegas Metro Police Detective Steve Garneau, a likeable and professional investigator. Garneau soon becomes entrenched in the case and as bodies keep turning up, political and media pressure to catch the perpetrator intensify.

Griffin takes the reader into the killer's mind, revealing the complete rage and hatred the man harbors for a certain woman that his victims remind him of. The man's technique of using a garrote is distinctive - and intensely personal. He wraps his victims in a clean sheet, leaving few clues, and dumps them on roadsides where they will be found quickly. The press soon begins calling him the Phantom.

Garneau and his partner, Terry Bolton, make a good team. Griffin`s writing style brings an immediate feeling of comfortable camaraderie between the two officers and he uses Bolton to balance what could easily become an all-male cast.

A sub-plot within the novel develops around the city's political powers, adding an extra layer to an already good story. Instead of distracting the reader, this third element adds to the mystery: How does this all tie together?

The reader will not be disappointed.

Griffin pays close attention to police procedure - a feature I appreciate. I suspect Griffin's own background in policing is what gives the novel a gritty, realistic feel. Griffin worked, among other investigative positions, as a P.I. for Pinkerton, and he attended the Central New York Regional Academy for Police Training.

The only problem I found with the novel was the copyediting was a little roughly done. This became distracting in spots, but I have to admit, as picky as I am about that, the story still thoroughly engaged me and I had a very hard time putting the book down.
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Dan Skinner
Dennis Griffin's "Killer In Pair-A-Dice" is a must read book. This spine tingler is something that you just can't put down until you've reached the end. Griffin has proven himself again with this; his third book. The characters are very clear and precise. He gives you the feeling of being an observer throughout the story but never revealing the killer until the bitter end. Griffin hints at possible suspects making you think you know who the crimial is, until another twist and turn occurs, thus making you believe it could be someone else. Griffin has made this fictional tale seem true to life with the scary thing being it really could happen!
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A Customer
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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Henderson, Nevada
March 10, 2000

Juanita Hernandez left her job as the manager of a women's clothing store at a quarter after ten on Friday night. The store, located in the Southgate Mall, catered to women who required plus-size clothing. She loved the pleased expressions on the faces of the women as they left her shop, outfitted with clothes that made them look slimmer and sexier than they had ever thought possible.

Clothing and customers weren't on her mind on this night, however. Her thoughts were on the brand new Mustang convertible she'd picked up from the dealer before coming to work that afternoon, the very first new car she had ever owned. She was looking forward to getting home, where her two teenage daughters were waiting for her to pick them up and take them cruising up and down the Vegas Strip. Thinking these pleasant thoughts, Juanita started across the parking lot.

To avoid any unnecessary dings in the Mustang's midnight blue paint, she'd parked on the far side of the lot, an area utilized only during the Christmas shopping season or special sales. When the Mustang finally came into view, the dazzling white top reminded her of one of Mount Charleston's snow-capped peaks.

As she approached the car, she was gripped by a sense of apprehension. Had some delinquent decided to run a key down its side for sport? Although the lighting was poor, Juanita decided to check her baby for damage before driving away.

Having backed into the parking space, she began her inspection at the front of the car. She slowly worked her way down the passenger side to the rear of the vehicle. A slight smile crossed her face; so far, so good. Stopping to examine the trunk, Juanita's back was to the row of palm trees and shrubs lining the perimeter of the parking lot.

There was a sudden blur as something flashed in front of her eyes. This was immediately followed by pressure on her throat, accompanied by pain as rope fibers bit into her neck. She gasped in shock. Her hand lost its grip on her purse and it fell to the pavement with a thud.

A masculine voice growled into her ear, "I'm not going to hurt you. Don't scream or fight and you'll be okay, understand?" The question was accompanied by a noticeable increase in the pressure on her throat.

"Please don't hurt me." Her voice quivered as she fought against the panic that threatened to overcome her. "You can have whatever I've got. Just don't hurt me, please."

"That's a smart girl," the assailant said as the force on her neck decreased. His voice had become calm and confident. "I just need your help with something. If you do what I ask and don't give me a hard time, everything will be fine."

"I'll do whatever you say," Juanita promised. She was beginning to recover from her initial shock, trying to evaluate the situation and what she could do about it. One thing was obvious; the attacker could kill her in an instant. She'd have to be very cautious. "I'll do whatever you say," she repeated.

There was another blur as the instrument was deftly removed from her throat. "I think I can trust you. Just remember to behave yourself. Don't make me do something we'll both regret." He grabbed Juanita's left elbow with his right hand and led her away, the purse forgotten on the ground.

He steered her past the palm trees to the undeveloped area beyond. As they walked, Juanita knew she had made a mistake. She should have resisted while still in the parking lot. After he'd freed her neck, she should have screamed at the top of her lungs and tried to escape. She should have punched, clawed, kicked or bitten the assailant, whatever it took to get away. But she hadn't. Fear and shock had left her unable to act. Now she was even farther from any possibility of help. The ground was uneven and strewn with rocks. Even if she could pull away, she'd have little chance of outrunning anybody in her high heels and tight skirt. For now she decided to concentrate on being able to identify the attacker to the police.

Juanita glanced sideways at the man. Even in the semi-darkness she could tell he was white and young, in his late twenties at most. His face was clean-shaven, with dark hair worn short. She considered him to be good looking. She was five-foot-five; he was at least a half-foot taller. He appeared to have an athletic build and was dressed in a dark windbreaker and jeans. She absorbed what she could, then looked away. She didn't want him to suspect what she was doing.

"Sharp car you've got," he commented, his tone conversational.

"Thanks, I just picked it up today," she replied reflexively.

"Did you buy or lease?"

Although the conversation was surreal, it was helping her relax. Her heart rate slowed, strength returned to her legs. He sounded like a normal person rather than a monster. Maybe making friends with him would be a good idea. "It's mine, mine and the bank's," she answered, looking at him again, imbedding his profile in her mind.

The man chuckled. "Very few of us really own anything ourselves, do we?"

Before Juanita could answer, she stepped on a large rock; her ankle twisted and she lost her balance. The man increased his grip on her elbow while stepping in front of her, face to face, blocking her fall. "Are you okay?" he asked after steadying her.

"I think I sprained my ankle. It hurts," she said, his handsome face now also filed away.

"We've only got a little farther to go," he said. He repositioned himself, his left hand on her elbow, his right arm crossing behind her shoulders and under her right arm. As he tightened his embrace, Juanita felt his hand brush across her breast. Even through her jacket and blouse, the touch made her uncomfortable.

Several yards ahead the shape of a vehicle emerged. A few more steps and they were there. The man propped Juanita against the side of the black Bronco while he opened the passenger door. "Get in," he ordered, helping her into the seat. Closing the door, he walked around to the driver side and took his place behind the steering wheel. He removed something from the pocket of his windbreaker and tossed it in the back seat.

"Was that what you choked me with?" she asked, running her right index finger over the furrow around her throat.


"What is it?"

"What difference does it make?" he asked irritably.

"You could have killed me with that thing!" she complained.

"If I'd wanted you dead, you'd be dead. Since you're not, don't worry about it." His comment served to reassure her. He didn't want her dead.

The kidnapper started the engine. As soon as he did, Juanita heard the power lock for her door activate. She stealthily groped for the lock button. She wanted to know in her mind that she could open it if needed.

"Don't bother. Your switch is disabled." Soon the Bronco was in motion.

After several seconds of a very rocky ride, they gained the pavement of Sunset Road. "Why this?" Juanita asked, holding up the hem of the bed sheet draped over her seat. He looked at her but didn't answer. They turned off Sunset Road and headed south on U.S. 95.

Neither spoke during the short distance before the kidnapper exited the highway. "Where are we going? What do you want with me?" Juanita demanded, breaking the silence.

The kidnapper turned his head partially in her direction, able to look at her and watch the road at the same time. "You have nice legs and a very attractive figure," he replied.

Juanita pulled her skirt down self-consciously. In a way, he had answered her question. What did he want with her? Robbery? No, that could have been done in the parking lot. Ransom? That was ridiculous! She had no money and her family had no money. She narrowed his motive down to one thing...rape. She shuddered involuntarily, at the same time steeling herself for what was going to happen. Okay you bastard, she thought. I'm no virgin and I can wash your filth away with soap and water. I'll moan and groan and make you feel like a super-stud. But after it's all over, I'm going to make sure you go to prison for the rest of your damn life!

Juanita was abruptly brought out of her thoughts by a sudden change in the quality of the ride. The Bronco began bouncing over rough terrain. She checked their surroundings and realized they had left the main road and were climbing the dirt track up Black Mountain. She'd read somewhere that there was nothing on the top but a few television transmitters. There would be no people, no chance for help. Her thoughts turned to her children, and she strengthened her resolve to withstand what was to come.

"Get out," the kidnapper ordered. His voice had become harsh and without compassion.

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