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Gifford, Lazette

Hi. I'm Lazette (better known as Zette in most places on-line), and I'm an obsessive writer. I began writing back in the dark ages, when we still used typewriters, and I've been addicted ever since.

However, I did not pursue publication until the age of... the Internet (ha, and you thought I was going to tell you MY age!), and there I found the great joys of electronic publications. Between July 1999 and July 2002, I sold nearly 50 manuscripts (including novels, short stories and poems) to various epublishers.

My love of writing, joined with an interest in the Internet, has brought me into contact with a number of other wordsmiths, and I found that I like the company of other authors. I gladly accepted the post as Assistant Site Host for Holly Lisle's Forward Motion, an on-line community for writers. (http:/hollylisle.com). I am also the managing editor and web designer for the site's ezine, Vision (http:/lazette.net/vision). When I'm not writing (which is rare) I dabble in digital photography. (http://www.sscdc.net/zpics )

In real life (like I have one, right?), I live in a small town in Nebraska with a wonderful husband, one dog, far too many cats and a book collection the library would envy.

And now it's time to go write...


The Good People of Coralville by Lazette Gifford (Young Adult Mystery)
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Antoni Battista has spent his life in Chicago, shuffled from one foster home to another, and getting into more and more trouble as he grew older. However, after surviving a drive-by shooting--in which he is an innocent victim--Tony unexpectedly is given a chance at a new start. There's just one catch; he's sent to a very strict foster home in a small town.

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