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Massola, Linda

Author Linda Massola was born in Melbourne, Australia and now lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with her partner.

Linda has two adult children and she taught for over 20 years in primary schools in Melbourne and South Australia.

Her main passion is writing, but she also enjoys Clogging. (American tap dancing).


Bully for You by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader - Primary)
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Daniel or Monster Mack as he prefers to be called is mad about dirt bike racing.

Not really interested in school work, he spends his weekends practicing on his Mean Machine with his friends. Daniel is also a bully and will go to any lengths to win a race, until he meets The Skull on the Assassin Killer bike. Daniel is about to learn an important lesson!

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The Fairy Chronicles, Book 1: The Castle of Feathers by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Fantasy)
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Six babies were born in The Kingdom of Fairy on the same day that six were also born in the Land of Mortals.

When the fairy, Tatiana, is banished from The Castle of Feathers after trying to usurp her sister Queen Mab, she joins forces with the evil Drabon in the Kingdom of Gloomia. Together they come up with the plan to switch six fairy babies with mortal babies.

Without the presence of the six fairy babies, the feathers on the battlements of the castle disappear. This leaves the Kingdom of Fairy vulnerable. When the fairies reach the age of twelve, Mab is able to contact them in their dreams... Using the powers they were born with, can the children fight their way back to the Kingdom of Fairy and outwit Tatiana and Drabon and return the feathers to castle.

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Time Travellers Trilogy Book 1 by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Time Travel)
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While holidaying in a houseboat in the middle of a dried lake bed, the Stanton kids, along with their cousins, find a Time Machine.

Somebody is using the device for their own evil purposes...

The children must travel backwards and forwards in time as they strive to outwit the culprit and his crazed plans.

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Time Travellers Trilogy Book 2 by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade Reader: Time Travel)
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The Stanton kids once again return to the houseboat. This time, they travel back in time to 1870 where they discover their old enemy Mr Powers is a wanted bushranger. In a race against time, they try to outwit him and return him to 1960 - this time with no possible way of escaping!

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Time Travellers Trilogy Book 3 by Linda Massola (Mid-Grade: Science Fiction)
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When the Stanton kids take a trip in the Time Machine into the year 3010, they meet up with the Troikas who are intent on creating perfect human beings. It is then that the children are forced into a race against time. The year 3010 is not all they bargained for.

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