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Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 1: Merenptah
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Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book 1: Merenptah

Score: 4.83 (votes: 6)

Egypt was at the height of its powers in the days of Ramesses the Great, a young king who confidently predicted his House would last for a Thousand Years. Sixty years later, he was still on the throne. One by one, his heirs had died and the survivors had become old men. When Ramesses at last died, he left a stagnant kingdom and his throne to an old man--Merenptah. What followed laid the groundwork for a nation ripped apart by civil war.

The House of Ramesses is in the hands of an old man. King Merenptah wants to leave the kingdom to his younger son, Seti, but northern tribes in Egypt rebel and join forces with the Sea Peoples, invading from the north. In the south, the king's eldest son Messuwy is angered at being passed over in favour of the younger son... and plots to rid himself of his father and brother. 

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Score: 4.83 (votes: 6)
Rating of votes (6)
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  • Fred. K. (Amazon customer)
    Aug 28, 2017, 13:45
    Good Ancient Egypt Reading

    I'm an ancient Egypt history buff. So Merenptah fits nicely. it's enlightening to read that not all Pharoahs were nice people.
    I am looking forward to Book II but not to the decline of the Ramesses II dynasty.
  • Amazon customer
    Aug 28, 2017, 13:44
    Exceptionally well researched. Each historical personality comes vibrantly alive. A superb and thoroughly exciting rendering of this Egyptian dynasty
  • Frogee Gibson (Amazon customer)
    Aug 28, 2017, 12:40
    Great writing as well told

    Ancient Egyptian historical fiction comes to life as the court characters endure life and death. The intrigue and twists and turns unfold in this tale. Enjoyable reading experience.
  • Christine Schulz (Amazon customer)
    Aug 28, 2017, 12:36
    I felt so positive that I would enjoy these books, that I immediately ordered all three at the same time! I am so glad I did!

    Fall of the House of Ramesses, Book one-Merenptah was such a wonderful read! It was interesting, and an easy read, except for some confusion I had with all the names, but I always got the gist.

    As soon as I finish this review, I am going to start reading the continuing saga with Book 2-Fall of the House of Ramesses-Seti.
  • SignoftheTimes (Amazon customer)
    Aug 28, 2017, 12:17
    Another great start to a series!

    I loved the author's Scarab series and I was very happy to see that he has written another series set in Ancient Egypt, this time dealing with the Ramses era.

    The great Ramses has died and leaves Merenptah on the throne, who is already old. So now he must decide who will rule after him: Messuwey, his eldest son, or his youngest son, Seti. His choice will cause strife in the land as one gets chosen to be heir and the other vies for power. Throw in some unsavory characters, a priest of Amun who will do anything to have the god be preeminent in all the land and rebellious tribes invading from the northern lands, and you have a great story full of all the things I enjoy.

    I am on to the second book!
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