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Friendship Heirlooms Series, Book 2: Michael's Angel
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Friendship Heirlooms Series, Book 2: Michael's Angel

Score: 5.00 (votes: 3)

Return to Peaceful, Wisconsin and read the stories of those secondary characters in an all-new spin-off series. Nuggets of faith can be passed down as heirlooms from friend to friend, heart to heart, soul-mate to soul-mate.

Book Two Friendship Heirloom: Courage 

As the unwanted son of a mother who killed herself to escape a life she couldn't bear another second and then being passed around from one foster family to the next, each less sympathetic than the one before, Michael Fremont has had it drilled into him from birth that he's not worth anything...certainly not worth saving. Then he met the angel next door. LeeAnn Wagner was as small and fragile as a china doll, the unfortunate offspring of a couple more volatile than gasoline and a lit match. 

Together, Michael and LeeAnn escaped the horrors of their childhoods and gave their lives to the Lord. But Michael had realized that his love and needs for LeeAnn were only growing beyond his control. Feeling like a coward, he did the only thing he could to save her from his possibly unwanted desires: he joined the military. There he'd made close friends in Christ and unburied the very discipline and willpower he'd struggled to grasp while he was with LeeAnn every minute of every day. 

Never once during their years apart does Michael forget his angel...or forgive himself for leaving her just when she seemed to need him most. The last thing he expects upon honorable discharge is to find that the frail creature he'd reluctantly left behind for what's felt like a lifetime has discovered her own considerable strengths, abilities, and deep, inner happiness. Can she forgive him? Can she ever get over the scars of her past to see him as the man of her heart? One worthy of an angel? 

LeeAnn has loved Michael since the moment his gentle eyes met hers. When he left, she thought she'd never survive. But she'd realized soon afterward that she needed the separation as well--to become the fearless, godly woman he requires, now more than ever; to become what he's been to her right from the start: a healer and guide, a light in the darkness, a friend who would never abandon or destroy. And maybe now that she and Michael are whole, not hiding from the world, barely able to imagine surviving together or apart, they can become lovers... 

But LeeAnn isn't sure how to fully overcome a past that refuses to remain in her darkest nightmares. Even as she and Michael's most fervent, uncertain dreams are coming true, the harbinger of her childhood is waiting in the shadows, murderously intent on taking away everything she's ever wanted. 

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 3)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 6, 2018, 17:23
    5 star review from Harriet Klausner
    5 star review from The Romance Review and Top Pick
    4 1/2 star review from BTSeMag

    5 Stars! "This book will keep you up long into the night reading! This is a roller coaster ride from start to finish as Ms. Wiesner infused this book with mystery, suspense, and evil at its best. The plot is excellent. Ms. Wiesner gives you hints in the storyline but does not reveal the truth until necessary to the story, keeping you intrigued until the end of this book. Ms. Wiesner kept the tension, suspense, and mystery at high peak with gradual revelations, which are surprising and amazing. The pacing of the book was excellent as it never lags and will keep you glued to the book, anxious to see what will happen next. I did not want to put this book down! As I finished the book, I was sorry to say goodbye to LeeAnn and Michael and did so reluctantly. Author Karen Wiesner's story-telling skills are evident in this book as she weaves the many threads in the storyline together to form a suspenseful and faith-based story. Her writing style is clear and easy to read. Faith plays a large part in this book, but is not pushy nor forced upon the reader; rather it is part of the characters' personal beliefs and way of life. LeeAnn and Michael's characters were masterfully developed by Ms. Wiesner. It was amazing to watch LeeAnn and Michael's growth in this book as they develop from insecure clinging teenagers to mature adults. LeeAnn and Michael's portrayals are very real and human with all our human faults, failures, insecurities, and misconceptions. The interaction between LeeAnn and Michael was well done. The secondary characters add depth to this story as well as guidance for LeeAnn and Michael. The villain of this book, Samson Oligee, was a great character, revealing true evil and patience resided within him as Ms. Wiesner skillfully wove the story around him. He gave me chills. Ms. Wiesner has crafted another winner. This is a well-written, paced, and developed book with an intriguing storyline. It is a clean read but does contain violence and mental illness." ~The Romance Reviews
    4 1/2 Stars! “Karen Wiesner again has reached into the troubled lives of her characters and brought hope, love and God into their lives. A fantastic read. I anticipate reading more of this series in the very near future!” ~BTSemag
    “Wiesner’s second Friendship Heirlooms book is interesting, with several surprises.” ~RT Book Reviews

  • Harriet Klausner (amazon customer)
    Aug 29, 2017, 07:37
    fantastic inspirational romance

    When Michael Fremont still was able to count his birthdays on his fingers, his mother told him she never wanted him just before she committed suicide in front of him. Over the next decade he bounced around the foster family program. The last few years he stayed with the aptly named Stern family in Chicago while his foster sister Eliza blackmailed him. However, in two weeks he will leave the system and the Sterns, and take his vulnerable BFF LeeAnn Wagner with him.

    LeeAnn and her mother spent a lifetime running from her husband who wanted his cheating wife and someone else’s child dead; since her dad died Leeann is seemingly is free, but remains haunted by her harrowing past. Meanwhile, feeling unworthy of LeeAnn, Michael panics when his desire for her seems out of control. After insuring her safety and heeding a pastor’s advice, Michael enlists in the Marines.

    When his military service ends, Michael needs to know how his angel is. In Peaceful, Wisconsin, Michael finds a much stronger LeeAnn. Already in love with each other and both finding solace with the Lord, he prays she gives him a second chance and she prays he takes a second chance. In the darkness looking into Eden, someone else covets a second chance at LeeAnn and if necessary Michael.

    The second fantastic Friendship Heirloom inspirational romance (see Clumsy Girl’s Guide To Falling In Love; LeeAnn is a support character) is a tense suspense starring two vulnerable lost souls finding each other twice while also obtaining solace with the Lord. His angel and her hero come together in a strong tale as Karen Wiesner provides an entertaining second chance drama.
  • Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews
    Aug 29, 2017, 07:35
    Karen Wiesner writes realistically.

    Michael “Mike” Fremont lost his mother when she committed suicide in front of him while he was still in the single digits. Since then all he had done is survived. His last foster home bullied and used him like a male version of Cinderella. Mike cared about no one until LeeAnn Wagner moved in next door. Michael and LeeAnn fell in love. His love for her saved him. But as bad as his life was, her life was worse and Mike planned to rescue her.

    LeeAnn was the result of her mother’s adultery. Her mother, Lindsey, had kept them moving around all of LeeAnn’s life. They never settled down anywhere for longer than a month; always running from Lindsey’s insane, murderously jealous husband. But this time Lindsey stayed in one spot for too long. Samson Oligee caught up with them. The man managed to kill Lindsey and her lover Jeremy; however, before Samson could kill LeeAnn, Michael had snuck into the house and helped her flee. Thirteen years passed …

    Mike and LeeAnn settled in Peaceful, Wisconsin. Samson had been caught by the police, convicted of murdering Lindsey and Jeremy, and institutionalized for insanity. A year after his capture the institution had burned to the ground and the FBI assured them that LeeAnn’s homicidal stalker had been identified as one of the fire’s victims. Michael knew that LeeAnn had not been ready for the fierce longings that he kept in check. In order to give LeeAnn time to heal from her life-long trauma, he ensured she was safe with their friends in Peaceful before he enlisted with the Marines.

    Michael’s four year tour is now over. He returns to Peaceful with the hope that LeeAnn has healed enough emotionally to consider a life with him by her side. As for LeeAnn, she has learned to care for herself and that gives her a feeling of accomplishment. She hopes that they can finally wed and be happy. So why does LeeAnn feel as though someone is in her apartment at night? Why does she not feel alone in her tightly secured home?

    **** FOUR STARS! One of the best things I like about Karen Wiesner’s stories is that she writes realistically. When two or more characters have different views of a situation, Wiesner states the view point of each person. By doing so, I, as the reader, can understand why each character reacts they way s/he does. I can empathize and with most, if not all, characters and (therefore) understand their dilemmas. Most every tale that I have read from Wiesner is written this way and it keeps drawing me back for more of her stories. I state all this because I figured many reading my synopsis would wonder just how Mike enlisting and leaving LeeAnn alone could actually help her. Readers probably wonder if he was actually abandoning her when she needed comfort and stability. Only by reading the story and understanding Michael’s point-of-view will the reader be able to understand.

    New readers to the series will not find themselves lost. This is a stand-alone story; however, if you read the first title in this series, you will recognize the main characters as secondary ones in this story. I enjoyed every moment I spent reading this gem and plan to pick up another of Wiesner’s titles to read during my upcoming vacation. Wonderful, as usual. ****
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