Michelle Levigne

Michelle lives in Ohio. She graduated from Northwestern College, Iowa, with a BA in theater/English, and from Regent University, Virginia, with an MA in communication (film/writing). She started her writing journey in fan fiction–Star Trek, Highlander, the Phoenix, Beauty & the Beast, Stingray, among others. Her first professional sale was also a first-place win in the Writers of the Future Contest, with the short story “Relay”. ┬áThe main character, Rhea Jones, is the heroine of several books in the Wildvine fantasy series at Writers Exchange.

Michelle has written a number of series set in very different “Universes”, her largest being the Commonwealth Series.

Author of:

Commonwealth Universe Series by Michelle Levigne

Faxinor Chronicles by Michelle Levigne

Future Magic Series by Michelle Levigne

Killing His Alter-Ego by Michelle Levigne

Shadows of Mallachrom Series by Michelle L. Levigne

The Hunt Series by Michelle Levigne


Wildvine Series by Michelle Levigne






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