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Angelfire II Quartet, Book 2: Midnight Angel
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Angelfire II Quartet, Book 2: Midnight Angel

Score: 5.00 (votes: 2)

Return to Karen Wiesner's award-winning Angelfire Trilogy, where you can read the stories of those secondary characters--and some new faces--in an all-new spin-off quartet. Timeless couples seek out the unconditional love and healing of an angel and the scorching heat of unending passion.

There are no scars like those inflicted in childhood, and no love like your first. Timeless couples Diane Hoffmann and Mikey Lund, Roxanne Hart and Jamie Dubois, Cherish Stephenson and Ty Foxx, and Sapphire Stephenson and William Decker seek out the unconditional love and healing of an angel and the scorching heat of unending passion.

Roxanne Hart has endured a jet-set life as a model, living at the height of fashion and luxury, traveling from one end of the globe to the other. She's allowed the world and those close to her to believe she indulges in as many superficial romances as she wants to hide the truth. But she's never been satisfied by any of it. The only relationship that haunts her was borne out of a bet and should have been uncommitted and forgettable. Even years after it ended, it's anything but. The love of her life was like a midnight angel--there and then gone, reality within a dream, every fear realized or the ultimate wish come true.

Jamie "Doobs" Dubois panicked and wrecked the best thing that ever happened to him when Rox told him she loved him during their short, intense interlude as lovers. He's been a vagabond and rogue all his life, just like his father, and the only siren he's heeded is that of the water, where he lives on his father's small yacht and makes his living running charters. Unfortunately, Rox wasn't the first person he loved that he'd run away from. His deep-seated guilt and transient self-worth have kept him from meeting the son he and a girlfriend conceived when they were just kids themselves. But the realities of shattered love, loneliness, and ultimately death make him see how short life really is and how little is gained by hiding and never reaching for what you want most of all.

Learning that she has cancer, Rox's priorities shift from everything she has in life to everything she doesn't. Even as she becomes sicker, she's determined to do all the things she's always wanted to so she can say at the end that she has no letting herself love her midnight angel, even with the more-than-a-little-likely chance that she'll lose everything.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 2)
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  • Karen Wiesner
    Jan 4, 2018, 16:27
    "The character of Roxanne knows she is beautiful; however, she honestly never lets that go to her head. Modeling started out as something to pay the bills. All she wants is to play music. Unfortunately, it takes a life threatening illness to make her stop and think her life through. This is true for so many people in the world today. Author Karen Wiesner shows this very well in this story filled with romance, drama, and second chances." ~Huntress Reviews

  • Harriet Klausner
    Aug 22, 2017, 15:02
    tremendous second chance

    Roxanne Hart wants more from her best friend Jamie Dubois as she loves him. Desperate she bets him all or nothing that the womanizing Jamie cannot adhere to monogamy with her for six months. Five months and twenty-nine days of not straying leads Jamie to panic. Though nothing happens, he arranges for Rox to draw the wrong conclusion when she sees him with her roommate Diane Hoffman. However, Rox’s disappointment and declaration that she knew he would ruin their relationship leaves Jamie stunned, desperately declaring his love to no avail and pleading for another chance to prove him faithful which she rejects.

    Four years later, Supermodel Rox learns the cancer she thought she beat has returned. Meanwhile guilt-stricken Jamie regrets what he did to the love of his life and their relationship; but also rationalizes Rox deserves someone better than a worthless bum like him as he recalls similarly years ago running from the mother of his son and their offspring. As Rox becomes sicker while completing her bucket list, Jamie vows always to be her 24/7 angel if she lets him.

    The second superb Angelfire II drama (see Only The Lonely) is a tremendous second chance at a loving relationship. The former BFFs want to face her health crisis health together if the ailing heroine can trust him to be there for her though he never left her heart. As with the previous entry, the respective mental states of the lead couple turn this into an insightful drama. Whereas Rox deals with her cancer her way; frightened that he will lose her forever Jamie struggles to overcome his unworthiness low self-esteem to support his beloved in sickness and in health.
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