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Mind's Eye - The imagery of remembered scenes by Wendy Laing (Poetry Anthology)

Mind's Eye - The imagery of remembered scenes by Wendy Laing (Poetry Anthology)
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A collection of poems written by Wendy over the years, full of images from childhood, family, pets the Australian countryside around her, with a touch of homespun philosophy.

ISBN/EAN13: 1876962488 / 9781876962487
Page Count: 58
Trim Size: 5" x 8"

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Mind's Eye - The imagery of remembered scenes by Wendy Laing (Poetry Anthology)
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Sample Chapter


We wait with wonder for middle age.
No more pressure or youthful rage.
Time comes quickly. Like the flick of a page
we suddenly glance back over an age.

We wonder if any achievement will last.
But our life's die is already cast.
Vivid memories of friendships that linger.
Adventures in childhood that lasted forever.

Everything moves with a rush to the present.
Why should we sometimes feel such resentment?
Perhaps it's because of the words left unsaid
to loved ones gone, leaving memories instead.

The more that we ponder on what should have been,
we find with life's wisdom, not much could we deem
to be different by action or thought in the past.
The future will happen, despite what we ask.

The present is precious, a time to enjoy
all life's moments, pain, hope and joy.
Our friends and our loved ones in love and strife,
will all take a part in the rest of our life.



A distant rumble turns to a galloping thunder,
and I turn my head with a smile, and I wonder
what's in his mouth as he comes flashing in.
A vision of white with a big toothy grin!

The tumbling feet disappear once again,
then moments later, reappear in the den.
More prancing feet, and a thumping beat.
He comes and drops his ball at my feet.

Feet skid to a halt, a silence, then "wuff!"
He lands near the cat, who's had just enough!
Back end in the air, feet bowed low.
The look on his face is saying, "Let's go!"
I spring to my feet and we run 'round the room,
dodging the chairs, forgetting the gloom.
The house seems to glow with the feeling of fun.
Now all the family join in the run.

We finally stop, all panting and warm.
I check to see what is damaged or torn.
If others saw us, they'd think we were mad.
But life's too short for feeling sad.

The chase has started once again!
One Siamese cat comes from out his den.
Everyone stops, there's silence once more,
as Kasper turns and lifts a paw!

The look on his face, a big happy smile,
makes me laugh and relax for a while.
His happy nature, full of love not hate.
He's a real pleasure, "My Best Mate!"
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