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The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 2: Mycroft Up Against It
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The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 2: Mycroft Up Against It

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Mycroft Holmes is not so unlike his younger brother Sherlock. Mystery-solving and clever solutions set in the eighteen-eighties are afoot in a collection of tales featuring "The Other Mr. Holmes". Tearing through London in hansom cabs and knee-deep in the twists and turns in pursuit of adventure alongside Mycroft is his plucky, crack-shot mistress Anna.

Once again Anna and Mycroft Holmes tear through London in hansom cabs as they pursue three further adventures set in the eighteen-eighties.  

"The Deadwood Stage": When an anarchist threatens mayhem at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Anna finds herself having to impersonate Miss Annie Oakley and hobnobbing with Bill himself before the Prince of Wales. Mycroft puffs and pants his way through another case, applying his keen mind while Anna faces death in a spectacular Indian “attack” on the Deadwood stage with the Prince of Wales on the driver's box and four European kings as passengers.

"Murder At The Lyceum": Anna is accused of committing murder during a performance at the Lyceum Theatre. Fellow actors Henry Irving and Ellen Terry believe in her innocence, but will Inspector Athelney Jones? Anna goes into hiding, and Mycroft must find the truth before the wrong person pays the penalty. 

"The Green-painted Door": After a hideous slaying in Wimbledon, Oscar Wilde exercises his scornful wit, but Mycroft Holmes is roused to action yet again. His privately-printed copy of the Kama Sutra (translated by Sir Richard Burton) stimulates another kind of action, as Anna has every reason to know. The book also saves Mycroft's life in a sudden confrontation which leads to the discovery of the murderer.

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