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The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 3: Mycroft and I
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The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 3: Mycroft and I

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Mycroft Holmes is not so unlike his younger brother Sherlock. Mystery-solving and clever solutions set in the eighteen-eighties are afoot in a collection of tales featuring "The Other Mr. Holmes". Tearing through London in hansom cabs and knee-deep in the twists and turns in pursuit of adventure alongside Mycroft is his plucky, crack-shot mistress Anna.

Hansoms, bicycles, a passenger liner and a Cambridge punt transport Mycroft, Anna and their enemies through four more tales. 

"The Adventure of the Endangered Princess": Doctor's orders send Anna on a much-needed sea cruise to Madeira. Among those on board is, surprisingly, Princess Victoria Kaiulani of Hawaii. The sudden appearance of Mycroft aboard Anna's ship launches a case involving the Princess, political intrigue, murder, sudden betrayal...and deadly action on the moonlit beach of Madeira.

"The Case of the Disappearing Witness": Following the Madeira adventure, Mycroft and Anna are drawn into a new investigation while also appearing as witnesses at the Old Bailey. Suddenly, Mycroft goes missing and Anna does her best to find him, using her skills both as investigator and as a crack-shot to save his life.

"The Mystery of the Brazen Idols": The murder of a member of the Diogenes Club finds Mycroft and Anna perplexed by brass idols which are placed on a trail of fresh murders--a trail which misleads Mycroft and leads to his arrest! Left on her own, Anna receives a message that sends her to where she recognises a deadly enemy. There, she meets someone returned from the dead who assists Mycroft in closing the case.

"The Unpleasantness in Hanover Square": What strange illness threatens the beautiful Lady Emmeline Tarragon? Dr Watson is baffled. Mycroft thinks he has the answer, but Sherlock has unexpectedly returned and brotherly jealousy hampers the investigation. Anna, meanwhile, is recruited into the Secret Service. When the scene shifts to Cambridge University, Mycroft and Anna confront the vampire.

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