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The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 4: Mycroft at Large
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The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 4: Mycroft at Large

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Mycroft Holmes is not so unlike his younger brother Sherlock. Mystery-solving and clever solutions set in the eighteen-eighties are afoot in a collection of tales featuring "The Other Mr. Holmes". Tearing through London in hansom cabs and knee-deep in the twists and turns in pursuit of adventure alongside Mycroft is his plucky, crack-shot mistress Anna.

Villainy galore, heroism in heaps, and a gallery of memorable characters await you in the three stories in this volume: 

"The Roosevelt Deception": An up-and-coming American politician attends an important ball in London, but he's actually an impostor working for Mycroft as part of a diplomatic intrigue which threatens war between Britain and the USA. Mycroft's old enemy, Colonel Fritz von Tarden, is behind the scheme. Sherlock Holmes is consulted, vital clues are recovered, and the scene shifts to Ireland where Mycroft and Anna pit themselves against von Tarden and his dangerous allies. But a small black cloud appears on Anna's horizon: Mycroft and the beautiful Lady Bywell seem to be attracted to each other. Should Anna allow herself to be drawn to Lady Bywell's handsome husband?

"The Five Fingers": Upon learning Mycroft has gone shooting in the company of Lady Bywell, Anna is decidedly uneasy. She learns from her friend Joanna that he's previously been unfaithful with Joanna's sister Lucy. Emotional desolation for Anna accompanies news that Lucy is now at the mercy of one Baron Gruner, a suspected sex trafficker, and his equally odious nephew, who live in the outwardly respectable suburb of St John's Wood. As a Government agent, Anna is dispatched to find out what she can. Deception and kidnapping envelop Anna and Lucy, and Mycroft and his friends track the culprits to the Continent where the showdown takes place at the mysterious Five Fingers.

"The Three Suicides": Back in London, Mycroft alarms Anna by becoming ever closer to Lady Emmeline. No longer speaking to Mycroft, Anna becomes interested in the suicide of an actress and decides to follow up the case with her maid, Marie. Mycroft joins in the case and discovers that a crooked lawyer has drugged a wealthy citizen, got him to change his will in favour of the gang, and has then arranged his "suicide". The lawyer, realising that Anna and Marie have tracked him down, has them seized and gives them a deadly dose of a hallucinogenic drug. Hardly surprisingly, the two women suffer dreadfully until Mycroft rescues them and the gangsters are arrested. But the life of Marie, Anna's maid, is in danger from the drug. As she is now Watson's fiancee, her predicament is doubly moving for Anna and Mycroft.

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